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My Year in Books 2020….

I use an app called Goodreads. It tracks all the books I’ve read this year. 

The pandemic that swept the world this year kept me in. And through the lockdowns and tier systems books helped me pass the time away. 

Here is a selection of my 2020 reads…..

54,370 pages read
274 books read
This is my journey in books for 2020!

Shortest Book 22 pages
Before His Choice by Clarissa Wild
Longest Book 774 pages
Original Sin by Lydia Michaels

Average book length in 2020…. 198 pages

Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey

Most Popular people also shelved
Deadly Karma by Laura Tolomei

Least Popular 1 person also shelved

My average rating for 2020
3.3 โญ๏ธ

Blue Embers by Courtney Leigh
Highest Rated on Goodreads

4.80 average

Demon Bound by Chris Cannon

My first review of the year

liked it
Not my usual read (A Young Adult book) but the backcover sounded really interesting. 

Itโ€™s time to get a summer job, (books arenโ€™t cheap, and Meena is a avid reader) but seventeen year old Meena doesnโ€™t like or do hairnets, so itโ€™s a cleaning job. And lucky her, the crazy lady (or Wacky Winslow as sheโ€™s called) in the town is wanting help….. Only Meena gets more than she bargains for. 
Carol (Meenaโ€™s new boss) tries summoning a minor demon and ge

Demon Bound by Chris CannonLoki Ascending by Asa Maria Bradley

really liked it

Unmask Me by Aidy Award

Wicked Court by May SageDark Illusion by Christine Feehan

Oceans of Fire by Christine FeehanThe Twilight Before Christmas by Christine FeehanLanding the Lawman by Kadie ScottNicky by K.J. Dahlen

Crave Me by Aidy AwardDangerous Tides by Christine FeehanKeystone by Katie DelahantyA Shifter's Christmas; Boxset by Emilia Hartley

The Boy Who Came Back a Wolf by Kara LockharteSafe Harbour by Christine Feehan

it was amazing

Must Keep You by Deborah Garland

The Sinful Scot by Maddison MichaelsSir Loin of Beef by Vanessa Vale

The Kiss List by Sonya WeissDamian by D.B. ReynoldsTurbulent Sea by Christine Feehan

it was amazing

Hidden Currents by Christine FeehanGabriel by D.B. Reynolds

Kato by D.B. ReynoldsDragan by D.B. ReynoldsEmerald by Sophie LarkDefy Me by Aidy Award

Surprise Me by Aidy AwardOnce in a Blue Moon by Amanda AshbyWater Bound by Christine Feehan

really liked it

The Anti-Honeymoon by Bethany MichaelsDevil at the Gates by Lauren Smith

Sisters of the Coven by Amelia ShawWorth the Wait by Traci DouglassAsh Bringer by Courtney LeighCircle of the Pack by Jane S. Morrissey

Spirit Bound by Christine FeehanFury Unleashed by N.J. Walters

really liked it

The Curvy Seduction Saga by Aidy Award

Alpha and Omega by Carol T. LunaHers to Tame by Rhenna Morgan

Souls of Magic's Dawn by G.A. LungaroChasing Ginger by Marie LavenderOne Perfect Summer by Brenda NovakCharming the Beast by Cynthia Eden

The Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden

really liked it

Air Bound by Christine FeehanMarked by the Vampire by Cynthia Eden

Deal With The Devil by Cynthia EdenThe Darkest King by Gena Showalter

Suddenly Enthroned by C.R. RileyMagick & Moonlight by Marie LavenderThe Missing Piece by Marie LavenderEarth Bound by Christine Feehan

Hooked On You by Cathryn FoxTo Win a Wicked Lord by Sofie DarlingFire Bound by Christine Feehan

really liked it

Dirty Work by Regina KyleStolen by the Fae by Laxmi Hariharan

Bound Together by Christine FeehanJudgment Road by Christine FeehanVengeance Road by Christine FeehanBlue Embers by Courtney Leigh

Love In the Time of Corona Vol. II by Kristi AvalonArctic Bite by N.J. Walters

really liked it

The Red Herring by R.G. Link

Sleepwater Beat by Kathrin HutsonSleepwater Static by Kathrin Hutson

Vendetta Road by Christine FeehanOriginal Sin by Lydia MichaelsBait N' Witch by Abigail OwenNever an Amish Bride by Ophelia London

Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry WinfreyLondon Vampires Romance Series Box Set by Felicity Heaton

really liked it

Not Like the Movies by Kerry Winfrey

Hawk by Patricia A. RaseyBarefoot on a Starlit Night by Jo McNally

Hiding from the Coven by Amelia ShawShadow Flight by Christine FeehanTheir Kidnapped Bride by Vanessa ValeBeneath the Surface by Fiona Neill

Valen by Felicity Heaton

really liked it

Ares by Felicity HeatonEsher by Felicity Heaton

Marek by Felicity HeatonSlay Me by Aidy Award

Simply A Matter Of Time by Kathryn K. MurphyTo Love a Bear by Emilia HartleyTo Save A Bear by Emilia HartleyTo Redeem A Bear by Emilia Hartley

To Tame a Bear by Emilia HartleyTo Trust a Bear by Emilia HartleyBears Behaving Badly by MaryJanice DavidsonA British Heiress in America by Becky Lower

Skinned by CeeRee Fields

really liked it

Sucker Punch by Laurell K. HamiltonForbidden Desire by Robin Lovett

Ryker Drake by Emilia HartleyAshton Drake by Emilia Hartley

Show more books

Justified Misfortune by Lori Matthews

My last review of the year

liked it
Murder/mystery with a healthy dose of romance. 
This book is from a series (Brotherhood Protectors) I donโ€™t think you need to read the previous books (I donโ€™t think I missed anything)
Hudson has finally returned home, after years of serving his country and getting a job as a bodyguard heโ€™s back to lend the family a helping hand at the ranch they own.
Heโ€™s taken a job as a favour to a friend, but this one could be the trickiest one ever!
Sunny didn

You read 274 out of 230 books.

So that’s my year in books……

And don’t forget my audio ๐ŸŽง


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