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Welcome January

It would have been my daughters birthday this month. She would have been 28, not sure if we are going to be together as a family for her birthday (we usually go bowling and dinner) but because of lockdowns and the tier system it’s going to be a struggle this year. But we may do a zoom call and remember her that way.

And I’m thinking a new year, maybe time to redesign my blog?

And as you may or may not know I have a FB page with the same name, it posts my reviews on there, I also post any books that are on offer or release dates.

And you’ll also be aware I’ve stopped my daily posts, it’s now just book release and book reviews (and a few random thoughts) I stopped partly because I was doing the same thing, posting the same pictures, so new year and I’m moving forward.

So who knows how this year will start? Oh I do….. with my region being in a tier 4 lockdown!! So no work at the moment. But it gives me time to tidy up and a little (almost) spring clean!!

Books I’m looking forward to reading this month……

Sophie Lark 6/1/2021

Aidy Award

Last year I read a total of (274) books, yes the coronavirus had me indoors and that might have lead to those numbers, but the previous year I managed to finish 136 books.

I’m going to set my target for 150 books this year, and if I hit the target, I can just reset it, I’ll keep you posted.

Book one here I come…..


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One thought on “Welcome January

  1. Wow, 28 years. Doesn’t seem possible. Miss her singing
    You are a speed reader, so I have no doubt you will meet your quota.
    I’m thinking mine will be to try and meet my number of books read and to keep up posting them for the entire year LOLOL โค


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