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Kindle Review….. Dragon Devotion (Tooth & Claw Series) Book 2 By Emilia Hartley📱

Dragon Devotion (Tooth & Claw Series) Book 2 By Emilia Hartley


If she knows the kind of person he is, she’ll dump him faster than an overloaded dragon can fall out of the sky.

Althea has time for everybody in the pack but herself. She’s too busy to sleep, but not busy enough to distract herself from her aching loneliness. When she finds a dragon shifter caught in a bear trap, that loneliness (or maybe that lack of sleep) prompts her to propose a fake marriage to help him find needed sanctuary. Griffin is thoughtful, charming, and oh-so-sexy. He also appears to be into Althea. His jokes mask a deep darkness, though, and Althea has to remind herself that their relationship is all a sham.

Griffin has come to upstate New York to locate the last two of his father’s offspring—Alistair and Devin VanTassel. What he finds, though, is not just the two dragons he expected, but a growing family that includes children—and a whole pack that depends on the cousins. He also finds Althea, the hardest-working, sweetest woman he has ever encountered. He’s drawn to her, but she’s too good for him, too good even for the pack she works tirelessly to mother. All he knows is he can’t turn her or her pack over to his bloodthirsty sire, but he doesn’t know how to keep the monster away from them without sacrificing himself. Maybe that will be a fitting end for his sorry, cowardly life. Traitors like him certainly don’t deserve the kind of bond that seems to e growing between him and Althea.

Tooth & Claw series:

Dragon Desire

Dragon Devotion

Bear Loyalty

Bear Affection

Publication date 18/5/2020 *

My Review……

Althea is second in command to Atticus’s pack, there isn’t much she doesn’t do, yes she could delegate, but Althea isn’t that type of woman (bit of a micromanager if you ask me) so that’s why she’s stumbling around the forest after hearing noises! She should have gone to bed, she has yet another busy day tomorrow, but she needs to know what is out there……

Griffin is in trouble, basically find and lure Atticus out into the open so Griffin’s father can kill him!

Getting to the forest Atticus lives was no problem, getting caught in a bear trap and being rescued by woman, was not part of the plan! But actually it’s worked out better than Griffin hoped. Not only is she freeing him from the trap, but helping him by feeding him and marrying him!! What?! Wait a minute! Marriage? Yup, this lovely bear shifter has agreed to marry him!

At first I wasn’t sure about Griffin, he was only out for himself, he’s already sacrificed his own kin to stay alive, and now he’s taking advantage of Althea! But as the book progresses we find out about his background, he’s not had an easy life, no, there is no excuse for what he’s done in the past.

Althea is a good character, she’s selfless, she’s a caregiver, but she can’t stop. She has to give everything of herself. Why? Well again you’ll find out in this book.

I enjoyed the interaction between these two characters, we also have a chuckle at how much Griffin doesn’t care about the rest of her pack. He will look after her, even if she doesn’t want it!

So can Althea and Griffin make a go of the marriage of convenience? Or will Griffin remain true to form and break her heart?

And once Griffin sees the pack and Atticus together, can he really set the dragon up and watch his father kill him?

This book hits all the marks, we have enough information on the pack to keep me interested, we connect with the other characters, so I’m now invested enough to want to know more.

Detailed enough to keep you focused on the book and the characters. Well written with only a few mistakes, which I’m sure will be caught and corrected before this story is published.

Atticus’s story was in an anthology (A Shifter’s Christmas Boxset) A Dragon’s Christmas. So we met Althea briefly in that one, and I did want to know about all the other characters in that book.

So here we are, second book in the series, and it’s one I’m going to keep reading.


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