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Kindle Review… Bear Loyalty  (Tooth & Claw Series) Book 3 By Emilia Hartley📱

Bear Loyalty  (Tooth & Claw Series) Book 3 By Emilia Hartley


She’s loved him for years, but he doesn’t even know her name.

Summer Benson has loved Colton Peters since they shared middle school classes together. He doesn’t notice her though, not even once they’re part of the same pack. In fact, when his sister pays Summer to give Colton a lap dance for his birthday, he questions her as if they’d never met. If that weren’t embarrassing enough, Colton makes a point of telling her he doesn’t want a mate. Convinced it’s time to move past her childhood crush, Summer arranges a date with another guy. Online and in texts, Gabe seems like a gentleman, but when they meet in person, he’s overbearing and panics Summer’s inner cat. Unsure how to escape, Summer calls Colton for help—and he delivers, saying it’s what any pack member would do. Spending time with Colton doesn’t feel like time with just any pack member, though. If only he weren’t so shy of commitment, he would be perfect. 

Colton Peters has never reacted to anyone the way he reacts to the exotic dancer his sister hires for his birthday. The woman shines with such light, he has trouble crediting his sister’s claim that they all went to school together. His attraction to her has him reconsidering his vows to stay single. She’s disgruntled with him, though, and he doesn’t want to pressure her. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she’s safe, despite her awful job and the jerks who hang around there. He needs to know she’s happy, even if it’s not with him.

Tooth & Claw series:

Dragon Desire 

Dragon Devotion 

Bear Loyalty 

Bear Affection 

Publication date 31/5/2020 *

My Review….. 

We first meet Colton in the anthology book “Shifter for Christmas” he appeared briefly in his sisters book “A Dragons Christmas”

Colton was bitten by a bear shifter, and so now shares his body and mind with a bear! And he’s a grumpy one at that! A chip on his shoulder that almost brings him to his knees on a daily basis! He was angry before the bear, he’s even angrier now, nothing seems to soothe him! 

But the lap dance his sister organises for his birthday made his bear calm down, Colton needs more of this 

Summer thinks the lap dance is a great idea for the grumpy bear shifter, that is until she’s asked to do it! How can she even contemplate doing a dance for her high school crush? 

But when he doesn’t even remember her, Summer is crushed. 

So when a friend gives her a new shifters number, Summer thinks it’s time to move on…. forget Colton, find a little happiness elsewhere. 

But the date doesn’t go as planned, and in a panic Summer calls Colton to come rescue her! 

I wanted to give Colton such a smack around the head from the very first moment he appeared in these books. I know bears are grumpy, I know a newly turned human has a hard time assimilating his bear. But really, come on Colton! 

And Summer is such a nice cat shifter, she deserved so much better than a bear that didn’t know what he wanted! 

But luckily enough the did, but it’s not as simple as that, oh no! 

First we have the angst, the condemnation of oneself, the pity party and then the realisation that he might be good enough for her! Man I was exhausted after reading that 😉

With all of these books the author writes, they capture your attention. They also make you groan out loud and curse as the hero swings from going to his mate, she’s not his mate, then all the way back round to she could be my mate, oh god I’m god a mate! 

It’s all very exhausting. 

And her love rival! Well let’s say I want expecting that, it sure caught me by surprise!! 


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