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Kindle Review….. Bear Affection  (Tooth & Claw Series) Book 4 By Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

Bear Affection  (Tooth & Claw Series) Book 4 By Emilia Hartley


They ended their high-school relationship on a messy, angry note. The hate they spouted then is enough to keep them apart forever, even if the eventful intervening decade apart isn’t.

Back in town after her New York dreams have crashed to pieces, Ashlyn wants to get her career back on track. Bumping into the ex she left behind is not on her agenda, especially when the ex in question has turned into some kind of Greek god lookalike. Ashlyn doesn’t need the distraction; she doesn’t need the guilt she feels over their bad breakup; and she certainly doesn’t need the reminder of how badly her life has gone wrong. She’s going to stay away from Mac.

If only he would stay away from her.

Mac loved Ashlyn back in high-school, and now that he’s a shifter, that attraction has only gotten stronger. Ashlyn avoids him, though, and he’s also lost contact with his inner bear. He’s losing time to it, and he can’t even shift to help explain to Ashlyn how he has changed. He has no idea what this means, but he knows he can’t offer Ashlyn a mutilated piece of himself. He doesn’t want her in danger if the bear is out of control, either.

Maybe it would be best for everyone if his pack puts him down.

Tooth & Claw series:

Dragon Desire 

Dragon Devotion 

Bear Loyalty 

Bear Affection 

Publication date 15/6/2020 *

My Review….. 

Ashlyn is back home with her tail between her legs (figuratively speaking, she’s human) her job is gone, her boyfriend has gone back to the wife, and she’s got nothing there! But home is not where her heart is, she left with big dreams and a huge ego! 

And the last person she needs to see is her ex! And he’s looking good….. 

Mac can’t believe his childhood sweetheart is back. Is she back for good? What happened to her life in New York? No one knows, and Ashlyn isn’t telling anyone. 

But how can he approach her when the bear inside him is screaming she’s his mate?! 

Ashlyn knew him before the bear attack left him with a bear inside him. 

But more than that, they didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. So how will he cope with her being back?

Oh dear! Another bear with issues! But when Mac shuts his bear away, the worse thing happens…..

The bear inside him disappears! He might not like the thing always clawing at him to get out, but he now misses him! 

Have to admit, this wasn’t my favourite out of the series. I didn’t really like Ashlyn, and Mac just seemed consumed with getting rid of his bear, then trying to get him back! 

But as they spent more and more time together, Ashlyn realises what she had right in front of her. 

And Mac has to convince both his mate and his bear that he’s worth the effort. 

But when Ashlyn assumes he’s lying to her, how can they move forward? No one turns into a bear! Right? 


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One thought on “Kindle Review….. Bear Affection  (Tooth & Claw Series) Book 4 By Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

  1. Sounds like a yummy story and I’m always up for a touch of shifter action. A bear would be awesome to snuggle with. Besides, who could turn down a greek god ❤


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