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Kindle Review….. A Vampire Possessed (Deathless Night Series Book 3) by L.E. Wilson

A Vampire Possessed (Deathless Night Series Book 3) by L.E. Wilson


(This book was previously published with a different cover and the title “Blood Obsession”.)

Sacrifices had to be made for the greater, bloody good.

At least that’s what vampire Aiden Sinclair kept telling himself when he woke up in an unfamiliar city with no memory of how he’d gotten there, or why. When he happens upon a cheeky witch in distress who’s being hunted by beasts he is all too familiar with, Aiden must make a choice: Suppress his fears and be with the girl, or embrace the truth and save them all.

Destinies will be fulfilled.

Grace Moss may be a witch, but her magic totally sucks. Hence the reason she finds herself saying yes to an unexpected offer of aid from a dusty, yet yummy-smelling, vampire. With a sexy British accent and bright grey eyes that dance with mischief, his touch makes her blood sing. Yet, something about him makes her skin crawl, and it’s not just the fact he has fangs. 

To survive, Aiden will have to trust that her love will be enough to save him, and Grace will have to accept him as he is – into her heart, and into her arms. 

Publication date 26/12/2015

Reading Order:

Deathless Night Series: 

Book 1 A Vampire Bewitched

Book 2 A Vampire’s Vengeance 

Book 3 A Vampire Possessed 

Book 4 A Vampire Betrayed

Book 5 A Vampire’s Submission 

Book 6 A Vampire’s Choice 


My Review…… 

The third book in this series sees our fun loving vamp Aiden waking up in a city he has no idea how he got there! 

In the previous book, we see Aiden become possessed by a powerful demon! How? You ask… it all stems from the second book in this series. 

If your just reading this one, then it’s not too bad, but if your going to read the series, I’d advise you to read in order. 

Anyway back to my review….. 

Aiden was captured by the female vampire and male wizard from the previous books, as he’s a vampire, they don’t have a soul, so it’s easier to take over their bodies! 

And now when the demon takes control of Aiden’s body, he’s not really aware of what’s going on! 

Grace is witch, not a good one, in fact Grace isn’t sure why her family saved her from the new high priest that took over from the coven?! But her mother said she was pretty special (but parents always say that!) 

But she’s following some seriously creepy dudes! (They’ve taken something from her, and she’s going to take it back) 

Book three isn’t a favourite of mine in this series. I loved Aiden as a secondary character, I just didn’t connect with him as a main character. Grace was ok, it’s just they didn’t have the connection that the first two couples had! 

But that’s not to say the story wasn’t good, it was, it was fascinating how they worked out the problems they were facing.

The secondary characters (wolves and a best friend) were great and I know they feature in a spin off series (The Kincaid Werewolves) if they are a couple I’m not sure, but the series is on my long list of books to read! 

We also catch up with the rest of the vampire clan (setting up the next book nicely) 

But back to the story…… 

Aiden is drawn to Grace, why? Well could it be the fact she’s his fated mate? If that’s the case he should be running in the opposite direction, Aiden is a fun loving vamp, one woman won’t be enough for him and certainly not forever! 

But helping Grace with her quest brings out feelings that Aiden wasn’t sure he’d ever had! 

And there is also a strange feeling Aiden keeps getting! Like he’s being watched! But nothing would be able to creep up on him, could it? 

Grace is fascinated and exasperated with her new companion, he’s like no one she’s ever met, but something is wrong with him, it’s just a gut feeling, but she can’t fully trust him! 

So can Aiden and Grace work together? And when you find out her last name! Yup! Things start falling into place fast. 

So can Grace help Aiden break the hold that Leeha (the vampire they are fighting) has over his sires vampires? 

And will Aiden commit to just one female, or will he be able to contain his lust for the “poppet” that might just have stolen his heart? 


About the Author

L.E. Wilson writes Paranormal Romance novels about intense alpha males and the women who are fearless enough to tame them…for the most part anyway. With high heat levels, loads of suspense, and characters whose personas range from playful and witty to dark and tormented, L.E. is a natural storyteller (in spite of her boring Accounting degree). Author of the Deathless Night Series, L.E. Wilson is a member of the Romance Writer’s of America and is active in both the Greater Seattle and Eastside chapters near her. She is also an Indie author, so please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads. Born in a seriously small town in northeastern PA, she’s always open to new adventures and has managed to make her way all the way across the country. She now lives outside of Seattle with her patient husband, two sons, and two furry kids. Waking up to the mysterious mist-covered mountains there, (i.e. her backyard), only feeds her craving for all things supernatural. Caramel Macchiato Lattes are a necessary part of her writing process, and you’ll often find her typing away at the closest Starbucks…which she walks two miles to get to, to make up for all of those lattes. On the weekends she likes to hike, garden, cook vegan food, and have date nights with her favorite guy. On a Personal Note: “I love to hear from my readers! Contact me anytime at P.O. Box 2742, Issaquah, WA 98027 or email me at

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