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Kindle Review…. A Vampire’s Choice (Deathless Night Series Book 6) by L.E. Wilson

A Vampire’s Choice (Deathless Night Series Book 6) by L.E. Wilson


(This book was previously published with a different cover and the title “Blood Choice”.)

A vampire cursed to be untouchable.

Happy to be back in Seattle, Shea Bennet wants nothing more than to forget about the enigmatic warlock who saved her from a fate worse than death. But his topaz eyes haunt her, and his wicked scent makes her crave something she will never be able to have, something more than his blood — his touch. Though she feels his presence everywhere she goes, she is taken off guard when he suddenly appears to disrupt her hunt. Shea finds the tables have turned, and it is she who is the prey. 

A warlock determined to break the curse.

Ever since he released her from his mountain home, Jesse Moss finds he’s possessed with the memory of a vampire he feels compelled to protect for reasons he can’t explain. Night after night, he lies wrapped in her scent, her whiskey voice invading his dreams, and for the first time in his solitary life, he feels alone in the dark. Restless and worried, he tracks her to her home and offers her a deal, if she will only agree to spend some time with him. A deal he has no intention of keeping.

Shea’s cursed past won’t let her have him.
His future insists she must.

Publication date 27/10/2017
Reading Order: 
Deathless Night Series: 

Book 1 A Vampire Bewitched

Book 2 A Vampire’s Vengeance 

Book 3 A Vampire Possessed 

Book 4 A Vampire Betrayed

Book 5 A Vampire’s Submission 

Book 6 A Vampire’s Choice 

My Review…… 
This review is going to be tricky, it’s the last book of the series, reading the series in order is recommended as there is an ongoing story in the background. So I apologise if there are a few spoilers for previous books. 
Shea is the only female in Luukas’s coven, her story is a sad one, and I did shed a few tears. 
She was turned by Luukas, it’s a long story, but basically her sister has been possessed by a demon, and because of her bloodline, Shea couldn’t kill her sibling. So to destroy the demon inside her body, Shea became a vampire and killed her sister! 
At the time of Luukas’s disappearance a curse befell his coven, and Shea was unable to touch or be touched by male human hands, so feeding and sex was provided by females! 
But Shea longs for the day she can be touched again by a man….. 
Jesse is a warlock, he’s practised black magic for years, it’s leading up to a battle that may end his life!! 
He was the one that brought the demons back! He’s going to be the one that will protect Shea and her coven. But first he needs a powerful spell….
Shea and Jesse have a past, but it’s only been for the past few months. 
She was captured the same time Christian, Dante and Aiden were captured. 
Their stories are in books (a vampire possessed, a vampire betrayed and a vampire’s submission) so it does make sense to read in order. 
She was suppose to be the body that the head demon (Wanno) was to be put it in! But Jesse swapped her at the last minute for Aiden! 
She’d been a prisoner of Jesse’s all that time, he had to keep her safe, but I don’t really think it was the real reason, and when the mistress vampire was killed, there was no excuse to keep Shea, letting her go was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do! 
Shea is now back with her coven and living with her friends and their mates. She longs to return to Jesse, but knows it’s not possible! He was the cause of the vampires troubles, and if Luukas or any of the other vampires see him, they will kill him!
The course of true love never runs smooth (and it’s certainly been a rough ride in this series) and before long Jesse is stalking Shea, she haunts his dreams, she’s constantly on his mind! 
Her curse, the one where she can’t touch another male is broken! And Jesse thinks he knows how and why. He just needs to prove it to his vampire. 
The decisions poor Shea has had to face has been a hard one. But denying herself the company of Jesse is her hardest one yet? Being told by Jesse he misses her is only adding to her anguish, but it pains her to be with him and not be able to touch him!
And there is a battle brewing, the demons have found clues as to where their demon blood was hidden, if they find it, they should be able to return to their former bodies or take fresh new ones! The witches that now live with the vampire clan must all come together to defeat this evil, if not, then the world will become a demon’s playground. 
So what will happen between Shea and Jesse? If the vampires don’t trust him will she be able to walk away from her coven? Can her curse be broken? And if so can Jesse and Shea be together? 
Can the witches stop the demons? Can they get Jesse to help them? Or does he still have a dark motive? 
That was a great way to end the series. And now with a little research, I’ve found out there will be a spin off (there is one with the werewolves that tried to help) more vampires and witches. I’m just hoping it’s as good as this series has been. 

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