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Kindle Review…. Heavy Crown: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 6) by Sophie Lark

Heavy Crown: A Dark Mafia Romance (Brutal Birthright Book 6) by Sophie Lark


A Temptation I Couldn’t Resist…

I saw her being stuffed in a trunk: Yelena Yenina, only daughter of the most vicious Bratva boss in Chicago.

The Bratva hate my family. They burned my uncle alive. I should have left Yelena to her fate…

But she fought like a Valkyrie. Gorgeous, ferocious, and unbreakable. 

I saved her so I could make her mine.

She says she’ll never submit to a man. I guess we’ll see…

I’ll push her to the limit. And far beyond.

Heavy Crown is the mind-blowing conclusion to the bestselling Brutal Birthright series. It’s a stand-alone Dark Mafia Romance with HEA and no cliffhanger. Contains extra-steamy scenes guaranteed to make your night!

The Lark Notes:

I knew I had to end the Brutal Birthright series with the biggest twists, the most intense action, and the hottest hero yet. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sebastian from the very first book – you’re going to be so surprised where his journey takes him!

Brutal Birthright Series

Book 1 Brutal Prince

Book 2 Stolen Heir

Book 3 Savage Lover

Book 4 Bloody Heart

Book 5 Broken Vow

Book 6 Heavy Crown

Publication date 6/1/2021

My Review….. 
Simple tale of boy meets girl right? Wrong! It’s a tale of betrayal, family against family, lies and deceit, and then possibly, maybe, eventually, if we are lucky, boy falls for girl……
I’ve never been sadder to read the last book in this series. 
They have been a joy to read.  
And this being the last book, you hope it leaves a lasting impression. 
And boy does it ever…… 
Sebastian is the youngest of the Gallo siblings, he’s watched as his brothers and sister have found love. He’s not jealous, he’s happy for them, but Sebastian is different from them, he’s never going to be truly happy again….. 
Yelena is sick of being a pawn in her father’s life! Her older twin brother has it all laid out on a plate for him! Yelena on the other hand is watched constantly and is made to feel less than her brother! 
Coming to America was a mistake, believing her father would relax once he took over the Bratva in Chicago, and even bigger mistake. But his lust for revenge, that’s going too far…
This book has me hooked from the first page. 
Reading about Sebastian in the first book I wanted to know about him. He was destined for great things, a basketball player, he would become a professional and play in the big league, but that was before Sebastian and his siblings became embroiled in the feud between Griffin family and the Gallo, his knee is so badly damaged that it ends his dream and career before its even started! Now all Sebastian feels is numb, there isn’t enough drink, women or danger to excite him anymore! You have to feel sorry for him, he never wanted to work in the family business, basketball was all he thought about. Now he’s doing more and more for his father and brothers. 
Yelena is a new character, and at first you get the impression she thinks she’s too good for Sebastian. An icy Russian princess, but once you get to know her, the life you think she leads isn’t the life she has. Constantly under scrutiny, always being belittled, I definitely felt sadness for her. 
Their first kiss has Sebastian utterly under Yelena’s spell. He’s never met anyone like her, yes she’s beautiful, but it’s more than that. There is a fierceness to her that calls to him, a vulnerability that has Sebastian wanting to protect her. 
And when he finds out he’s being played, that the private moments they shared were fake…. Sebastian becomes the monster nobody sees coming! 
The action scenes are so brilliantly written, you feel the kiss of the gunshot, the heat as things explode and the adrenaline rushes through your own body as you read faster and faster. The need to find out what happens next is all consuming.
The twists in this book will have you in the edge of your seat, some you’ll see coming, others will hit you in the face like a knockout punch from a boxer! 
The darkness is harder and more emotional than most of the other books. You feel Sebastian’s pain, you feel Yelena’s hopelessness. You also feel the immense love this couple have for each other. But can love overcome what seems insurmountable obstacles? 
That was such a good book, an era ending, the Griffin’s and the Gallo’s have all grown up. 
That was just so intense. It had me clutching at my jumper and hiding my face. Had me screaming at my kindle and reaching for the tissues and then shouting no when it came to an end!! 
But there is a small silver lining….. 
The legacy both the Gallo and the Griffin families leave behind…. 
The next generation….. 
Bring it on…….. 

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