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Kindle Review…. Stormy Ride: An Enemies To Lovers BWWM Steamy MC Romance (SAINTS & S.O.B.s – New Orleans Chapter Book 1) by Mary Potter

Stormy Ride: An Enemies To Lovers BWWM Steamy MC Romance (SAINTS & S.O.B.s – New Orleans Chapter Book 1) by Mary Potter


It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man….

I made a mistake laying eyes on Storm.
Rough. Handsome. A rugged hulk with a deadly combination of dark chocolate brown eyes and leather. 
Lucky I’m not into that scene anymore. 
Lucky I don’t give a damn when he knocks me over with that killer smile. 
Lucky I can keep control of myself when a kid goes missing and fate steps in making us join forces for the manhunt.
I’m not into him, I keep telling myself. 
And for a second I believe the lie. 
Until he kisses me. 

The Bayou heat has nothing on Serafin.
A smokin’ little Creole spitfire with bright green cat-like eyes and a coke bottle figure that shakes my soul.
She looks like trouble…the kind even tough-guys run from.
I learned the hard way to never trust a woman, they’ll rip your heart to shreds and leave it in their wake.
So why do I find myself in her path over…and over again. 
She wants to avoid me. She wants to forget how perfect we are. 
Still, she can’t stay away, 
She’s mine now. No matter the cost. 
But will our desire be our path to destruction?

Publication date 20/8/2020

Reading Order:
SAINTS & S.O.B.s – New Orleans Chapter:
0.5 Bayou Heat
1 Stormy Ride 
2 White Knuckle Ride 
3 Slick Ride 

My Review…… 

You know their background, you know that both are commitment shy. 
But how do they meet up? Well this is their book , and it’s a pretty good one. 

Serafin still rides with the Bayou Syrens bike club, it’s still a large part of her life. The females she rides with are like sisters. Spice Rebel is the biker name she’s known by, and has a temper to match. 
Storm rides with his buddies, they aren’t like a motorcycle club, they don’t have presidents and Sargent at arms, they live to ride their bikes, they operate sometimes outside the law (illegal card games and drugs are how they make some money) 
Storm still has his garage and does a little illegal chop shop on the side. 

Both know of each other, Storm knows of Serafin a little better, his best buddy was her ex Slick! He wasn’t too happy with the way Slick treated her, but couldn’t say too much! And he watched as she found out about her boyfriend and friend sleeping together in the club! 

Their first meeting doesn’t go well, a race that ends with her crashing her bike, she’s furious, and a battle of words is exchanged. Storm is definitely interested in more, Serafin is both angry and aroused by him! Not a good combination considering the club he rides with! 

Meeting up to find a missing child (it’s Storm‘s nephew) he wants to know why he was taken, he’s going to pull out all stops and find him. He might be skating on the wrong side of the law, but family is important to Storm.
There is tension between them, past issues is a part of it, but Storm is aware of Serafin, the way she carries herself exudes confidence, he finds her sexy, but she wants nothing to do with him. 

It’s a short story that can be read in an afternoon. 
I liked both Storm and Serafin. They were great characters. 
But both are older and wiser, neither wanting a permanent relationship. But they are drawn to one another. 
But can two bikers from rival gangs really become more than bitter enemies? 
And when the kidnapper gets Serafin, then the whole neighbourhood is going to burn until Storm can find her….
But will they have the chance to tell each other how they really feel? 

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