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Kindle Review….. Dragon’s First Shift: (Dragons Secret Society) book 1  by Serena Meadows 👩🏻‍💻

Dragon’s First Shift: (Dragons Secret Society) book 1  by Serena Meadows 


I never wanted a love story.

True love doesn’t exist for a person like me,

Or the creature that lurks within.

Funny isn’t it, how blind people can be. Dazzled by the fancy cars and pretty girls. Tailored suits and slick haircuts. Almost all of them they fail to see the lie. Smell the stinking truth right under their up-turned noses.

I’ll soon turn twenty-five, but my life has been one big, dangerous deception. I was born into a destiny I never chose, and a war I never asked for. But the biggest secret of all is running through my veins, hidden deep within my bones. A slumbering beast, that’s only now beginning to awaken.

And right when it feels like my sanity is starting to slip, she appears. Fiery, seductive, and holding an envelope that’s about to smash my life to pieces.

I never wanted a love story. But the last thing I expected was a tragedy.

“Dragon’s First Shift” is the first book of the Dragons Secret Society series. Lose yourself in this world of supernatural romance, and order your copy today!

All books in this page-turning paranormal romance series can be read as standalones, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

Publication date 8/4/2019

Reading Order 

Dragons Secret Society

Book 1 Dragon’s First Shift 

Book 2 Dragon’s Flame 

Book 3 Dragon’s Forbidden Mate 

Book 4 Dragon’s Prophecy

My Review……

First book in a four book series. 

The back cover made it sound really interesting. Let’s see shall we? …..

Natasha has a destiny to fulfil, and since being left at an orphanage as a baby, she’s worked hard to make the people who brought her up proud. And now she’s gets a chance to repay them. And she won’t let them down….. She has always know her origins, she’s aware of who and what she is, and being an assassin for an organisation that hunts rogue dragons is her life work.

Daniel turns 25 this weekend, and his father is throwing him a birthday celebration that will last all weekend!! But to be honest, that’s not what Daniel wants, all he wants is to be left alone …. to live his life his way ….. but that’s not going to happen for the most eligible bachelor in town. Called to the family home, Daniel grits his teeth and heads home. 

Natasha and Daniel’s first meeting doesn’t really go to plan, as they both pull up in their own cars, both are preoccupied with their own thoughts….

Daniel is home, but under pressure from the family. He wants to say hi, then go as soon as he’s can, but that changes when a gorgeous woman literally falls into his arms. The night may have a little merit now. 

Natasha is a guest. She literally falls into his arms (she trips whilst wearing too high a heel) after that encounter they bump into each other a few more times, he’s fascinated with her, she’s not really interested, she thinks he’s a pompous idiot. 

But it all that changes after a dance he insists on and a passionate kiss!! 

The twists keep coming, in the form of the bombshell Daniel’s father relays to him….. he’s not his real father, and he’s a dragon shifter, and your best friends are really your brothers …. oh and lovely young lady you’ve been getting close to, she’s a shifter too, and she’s here to help you….. but Daniel wasn’t aware he was a dragon shifter. And it’s strange, but the shifters never worried Daniel, what really pisses him off is the fact his father hid the truth from him, and Daniel can’t forgive the man that brought him up. 

It’s a good story, a little short, and maybe a little more content and less sex would have been nice, plot is pretty good. Although it made me frown that Daniel didn’t have issues with shifters being around, but had issues with his father not being in his life (he went for 25 years believing the man he grew up with was his father)                     Characters are well written, the only issue I have the story, it felt a little rushed (maybe less sex and more story) especially towards the end. If this is a prequel, then it’s ok, but if this is the first book, I hope more thought is given to the amount of pages sex will occupy.

Oh …… And the ending !!!! 🤔🤔🤔


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