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Kindle Review…. Dragon’s Flame: (Dragons Secret Society) book 3 by Serena Meadows 👩🏻‍💻

Dragon’s Flame: (Dragons Secret Society) book 3 by Serena Meadows 


Taylor isn’t tempted by power or glory, but he’s ready to give his life for his family and their small community of shifters; a group that have been fighting for survival against Lucas Davenport and his demonic followers for most of Taylor’s existence. 

So when his older brother asks him to snatch one of Davenport’s witches from a blistering inferno, the young shifter leaps at the chance to do his part. He’s expecting a dangerous, satanic enemy—instead he finds a captive, her delicate wrists bound as flames lick at her hair and clothes. 

Willow’s jade green eyes are wide with terror and something else that tugs at unspeakable feelings deep within Taylor. Even so, there is no room for empathy in this war, and no good ever came of a shifter befriending a witch—especially one who’s spilt the blood of his people.

But far beyond their bitter feud, a prophecy is unfolding that could change everything. Taylor is torn between his shameful attraction and iron-clad loyalty, but he’ll soon discover that his self-control is no match for what’s written in the stars.

Reading Order:

Dragons Secret Society

Book 1 Dragon’s First Shift 

Book 2  Dragon’s Forbidden Mate 

Book 3 Dragon’s Flame

Book 4 Dragon’s Prophecy

Publication date 3/6/2019

My Review…… 

Book three of this four book series sees Taylor take center stage. Being involved in the battle (in the last book) gave Taylor purpose, his two older brothers usually charge around rescuing people and getting the girl. But as they are both married, Taylor hopes he’s going to get more action. But as he hasn’t had his first shift yet, Taylor isn’t sure how much more action his father and older brothers will allow. 

Willow was sort of a bad guy/girl in the last book, helping Lucas and his witch Amanda. But if your rescued from the streets and looked after, then your going to be grateful to your rescuer. Willow didn’t always agree with Lucas and Amanda, but it wasn’t like she could do much about it. 

Taylor thinks this is his chance to show his shifter clan that he can be of some use. But when he looks at Willow, he doesn’t see the evil witch everyone says she is, he sees someone he needs to care for and protect. He also needs to convince Willow that he doesn’t have a hidden agenda!                  Can Willow really trust Taylor? He seems really nice, but the last person she trusted used her and her magic to contain a dragon and his mate!                                           Talking of magic, where is hers? 
Together they can change the fight between shifters and Lucas. But witches and shifters don’t mix! And certainly not a witch that killed shifters! But the pull they feel between them only gets stronger and stronger. And when Willow dreams of Taylor it only adds to her confusion. 
I really liked this one. Willow had been a misunderstood witch, we assume she was up for the bedlam that Lucas and Amanda were causing, but a little brainwashing, they convinced Willow to join their cause. Taylor was just too cute, he reminded me of an excited puppy, just wanting to please. 
The prophecy is almost here, can Willow and Taylor help the cause, or will Lucas and Amanda win this round? 

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