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Kindle Review….. Dragon’s Prophecy ….. (Dragons Secret Society) book 4 by Serena Meadows 👩🏻‍💻

Dragon’s Prophecy ….. (Dragons Secret Society) book 4 by Serena Meadows  


When the balance between good and evil is tipped, and it looks like evil will win, it’s up to the most unlikely pair to bring balance back to the world, but has fate chosen correctly or will the all the magic in the world disappear forever.

Max’s life has never been his own, he’s never had the freedom to live the way he wants to, but when he’s suddenly thrust into the spotlight things finally start going his way. Sure, that he’s in control of his own destiny, he soon discovers that fate has a strange way of bringing us what we need, not what we want and that love doesn’t always play by the rules.

Felicity has always been happy on her mountain, if her father occasionally ruins her peace and quiet, she’s willing to take his abuse if it keeps her safe from the world. But when things spin out of her control, and it becomes clear that there will never be peace and quiet in her life again, she’s forced to make a choice and hope that fate has something wonderful in store for her.

Can a love that’s been written in the stars, bring the paranormal world together to stop the evil that threatens to tip the balance in the universe and destroy all that magical?

Note: “Dragon’s Prophecy” is the fourth book of the Dragons Secret Society series. All books in this series can be read as standalones, have no cliffhangers and HEAs are guaranteed!

This is a super steamy paranormal dragon shifter fantasy romance.

Reading Order:

Dragons Secret Society

Book 1 Dragon’s First Shift 

Book 2 Dragon’s Flame 

Book 3 Dragon’s Forbidden Mate 

Book 4 Dragon’s Prophecy

Publication date 5/8/2019

My Review….. 

Wow! It’s the final book! 

Max and Taylor are twins, and the youngest of the Carlson dragon shifters. Watching as all of his brothers fall in love and find their mates, and to find out they are all part of a prophecy has Max running for the hills. He doesn’t want a woman he can’t pick for himself! He wants a life out from under his brothers and a mate will only hinder those plans, and anyway, the prophecy is complete, he won’t be involved, but when the gypsy appears to them and tells them it’s not yet fulfilled, all eyes turn to Max! It looks like his adventures might be put on hold!  

He’s got a duty to do first, he’s off to see the council to explain why his brothers have married non shifters (it’s against dragon law to marry anything other than a dragon shifter) but they have evidence that because of these laws the magic is dying out. They have now charged him with gathering more evidence. Max eagerly agrees, he needs to escape the clutches of his destiny for a little while longer….. 

Felicity lives in the mountains with her father, it’s an idyllic life, well it would be if her father didn’t drink. When he’s drunk he’s a mean and nasty man. And poor felicity has to bear the brunt of it. 

And this latest beating almost kills her….. 

Max and Felicity meet when he stumbles upon her broken body in the forest! With the aid of a friendly witch, they take her back to her cabin and begin the process of healing her. Max is furious, who would want to do that to another person? And when he finds out it’s her father, he’s all for going down the mountain to beat some sense into the guy! 

Book four sees the conclusion to the dragon prophecy. And I have to say it wasn’t too bad. The first book almost put me off, but I’m glad I carried on. 

Well written, all the characters gelled pretty good. Didn’t seem to be anyone that wasn’t needed. 

You can probably read it without reading the other three. But why would you? It’s a great adventure, the books got better as we build up to the end. So my advice, it is better to read them in order. 

Max and Felicity are a great couple, he’s not looking for love, and she’s too scared to see anything beyond her cabin and the mountain. 

And when a misunderstanding leads to a wedding, Max wonders if he’s doomed everyone by messing with the prophecy?! 

Lucas is still planning and plotting. And now he has another witch to replace Amanda, he’s ready to put into place the final pieces of his plan to rule the shifters and open a gate to let the demons roam the world. 

So how does it end? Well, it ends with a surprise, and not in spectacular style, but the job gets done. 


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