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Kindle Review…. The Brothel of Fey: An Erotic Short Story by Lawna Mackie 📱

The Brothel of Fey: An Erotic Short Story by Lawna Mackie 


Life for a female fey is not easy. When Tink’s parents pass away unexpectedly leaving her to fend for herself and her younger brother she realizes she needs help.

An invitation from the maiden feys arrive offering her an option. She is to come to The Brothel of Fey, where a buyer has purchased her for the evening. Tink is devastated but knows she has no other choice. How hard could it be? One night of sex. The maidens did their best to show and explain to her what to anticipate. She could do this, or as her feathered friend suggested, she was out of her fey witted mind.

What she hadn’t expected was that her buyer would be none other than Zander, King and fey beast killer. A beast, that was about to school her in the art of lovemaking and sexual pleasures.

Zander has waited for Tink to come of age for a very long time. Knowing she will need help, he puts his plan into action. She will come to The Brothel of Fey and Zander is determined to show her what passion and desire really are. From the moment she was born he knew she must be his queen. The only problem was trying to convince the beautiful fey that he wasn’t the beast she thought he was.

Publication date 4/9/2020

My Review……
Tink is desperate for money, she needs it to keep her young brother and herself in a home. 
After her parents died, it’s now her job to keep her younger brother safe.
But Tink doesn’t know how, but she won’t marry the beast King Zander! Why her parents wanted her to marry him, Tink has no idea. 
So her only option is working in the brothel! But Tink has no idea what she’s doing! But it can’t be that hard can it? 
And it’s the best in the business, the rich and powerful come here, so maybe she will be taken care of, Tink doesn’t think she’ll be that lucky. So worse case, Tink can take herself out of her body and her client can help himself! 
Zander is a sneaky dude! He’s wanted Tink for himself from the day she was born. He knew she was meant to be his queen, but his reputation has ruined any chance with her. He has just two days and nights to convince her they are meant to be together. 
I liked it, I liked it a lot. I would have loved it to be a full story. 
Zander has the reputation of being a fey killer, but once we know the full story, you have to see him in a different light. 
I think Tink was being a little bratty! She didn’t really know why she didn’t want Zander, but she wasn’t prepared to listen to him! She liked what he did to her, she just wouldn’t commit to him! 
I felt sorry for Zander. And hope he gets to put his side of the story across, and when he does, I hope she eats humble pie 😉
This is a fun and intense erotic short story. 
It’s set in a brothel, but don’t get too worried, I have a feeling this little fey won’t be in here long……

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