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Kindle Review…. The Tiger’s Lover Book 1 (Beasts Series) by Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

The Tiger’s Lover Book 1 (Beasts Series) by Emilia Hartley 

Description ….

When Sadie Holliday finds her six-year-old turned into a bear cub in the kitchen, she knows she has to get help. She has no idea how to raise a young shifter. But the boy’s father is long gone, and the town’s local alpha is a harsh beast of a man, Dante Oberon. Even after she meets him and feels the pull of attraction between them, she’s not at all sure he’s someone she wants in her son’s life.

Dante’s getting along just fine, thank you very much. Townspeople may look at his shifters askance, but they’re no longer the out-of-control gang of thugs that they were under the previous alpha. They hold down jobs, and they keep their tempers reined in—mostly. When they don’t or can’t, Dante takes care of it. It works.

Or at least, he thinks it’s working until he sees his life through the eyes of the sexy, fearless single mom who comes to him asking for help with her son. Suddenly, he’s less sure of himself and his methods. But can he afford to be the kind of alpha who loves?

Reading Order


 #Book1 – The Tiger’s Lover

#Book 2 – The Hyena’s Hope

#Book 3 – The Lion’s Loyalty

My Review…… 

Dante is alpha of a group of shifters (he’s a tiger shifter) the town he lives in know of shifters, they just don’t want to see or associate with them! 

He owns the local shifter bar. He rules with an iron fist (a little too handy with his fists!) he took over when he beat the last alpha. No time for family, he doesn’t even look on his clan as family or friends (an alpha has to look strong at all times) 

Sadie has an unwelcome introduction to shifter life when her young son turns into a bear! 

She can’t rely on her ex husband, so she turns to the local shifters in the bar. 

They fight their feelings and the towns disapproval, until an incident brings Dante to the realisation that Sadie is his! 


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