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Kindle Review…. The Hyena’s Hope: Book 2 (Beasts Series) by Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

The Hyena’s Hope: Book 2 (Beasts Series) by Emilia Hartley 


When Lily catches her boyfriend of six years cheating on her, she kicks him to the curb and holes up in her apartment. To her chagrin, her friends won’t let her wallow. They drag her down to the local shifter bar, where she meets Roderigo, a gorgeous and thoughtful shifter who could almost be torn from the pages of one of her favorite romance novels. The trouble is, just when she’s beginning to think there might be something between them, he disappears on her.

When Roderigo meets Lily, he feels peace for the first time since he’s been changed. Before long, he’s sure that she’s his mate. But something evil is preying on his pack, and whatever it is threatens to hurt Lily if he doesn’t stop investigating. He knows he can’t fail his pack, but he can’t put her in danger, either.

He wants her.

He wants her to be safe even more.

He’ll do whatever it takes to make her safe.

Even break both their hearts.

Reading Order:


 #Book1 – The Tiger’s Lover

#Book 2 – The Hyena’s Hope

#Book 3 – The Lion’s Loyalty

My Review…… 

Rodrigo is a newly turned hyena shifter. He can’t control his shifts, he can’t contain his rage. Dante (hero in “ The Tigers Lover”) threatens on a daily basis he’s going to put him down. Maybe it’s for the best…..

Lily has recently ended a six year relationship (finding her ex in bed with another woman!) she needs to get on with her life, but as her life revolved around Brock she’s not sure what to do! 

I liked this one, loved Lily (even though she was a little bit of a doormat) 

Both Rodrigo and Lily fight their feelings for one another, but even Lily’s life is in danger, he’s there in a flash. 

We also have a stalking and a kidnapping thrown in for good measure. 


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