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Kindle Review….The Lion’s Loyalty: book 3 (Beasts Series) by Emilia Hartley 👩🏻‍💻

The Lion’s Loyalty: book 3 (Beasts Series) by Emilia Hartley 


As second in command, Van has always been the steady one in the pack, the voice of reason, the brains behind the brawn. But now Carol has returned to them shaken from her ordeal with the mad scientists, and Van can hardly control himself. He’s furious at the world for hurting her and at his pack for forgetting about her. Most of all, he’s furious at himself for failing her. He doesn’t deserve his fated mate if he can’t take care of her.

Before she was changed, Carol was an EMT, a lifesaver. Now she starts at small noises, worries about shadows, and can’t handle the smell of antiseptic. Only around Van does she find any peace at all. But she’s sure Van only sticks around because the alpha told him to keep an eye on the unreliable, broken member of the pack. Sometimes she thinks the world, the pack, and even Van would be better off without her.

She refuses to be a burden.

For both their sakes, Van must convince her she isn’t one.

Reading Order:


 #Book1 – The Tiger’s Lover

#Book 2 – The Hyena’s Hope

#Book 3 – The Lion’s Loyalty

Publication date 3/7/2019

My Review……. 

Van is Dante’s second in command. Works the bar, helps him settle disputes. He’s watched as his alpha found his human mate, watched a good change come over him. Van wants that for himself, he knows who his mate is, she just doesn’t want to know!! 

Carol was recently changed by an injured wolf shifter, now all day long it’s a constant battle for supremacy. She doesn’t want to be a wolf, she loved her old life. 

She’s also having to deal with being kidnapped and experimented on!! So her wolf side won’t let her settle, she’s always on alert, and it’s exhausting!! 

But with Van helping her, Carol is slowly adjusting. 

But will she ever let her Lion mate get close enough? And will she always be looking for the people that kidnapped her? And what about the mysterious buyer? 

I liked this one, Van was the go to guy, if you needed anything, then you went to Van. He doesn’t mind, he likes the responsibility. 

But you get the feeling he wants to be more. And when his mate is kidnapped and tortured, Van is at his wits end! 

Her rescue by Roderick is a good thing. But she’s so scared, he doesn’t know how to help her. 

Carol is so lost, you have to feel sorry for her. Not only was she bitten by a wolf, she was captured and experimented on! She knows Van is her mate, but she’s sure he won’t want such a broken creature. 

She wasn’t always like this, in her human life she rescued people, she hates this new life. The only good thing is her friend Roderick and the sexy barman, her mate Van. 

So we watch as he slowly brings Carol back into the pack, we watch as she slowly finds her feet and confidence. 

Then her worse nightmare is made real. The buyer is still out there and looking at making Carol his!!! 

Can Van help his mate? Can she ever feel like herself again? 


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