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New Release and Review… Marrying the Billionaire Single Dad: Enemies to Lovers Single Dad Fake Relationship Romance (Big Bad Billionaires) Book 4 by L. Steele 

Marrying the Billionaire Single Dad: Enemies to Lovers Single Dad Fake Relationship Romance (Big Bad Billionaires) Book 4 by L. Steele 


Never fall for the bad boy …  

Damian ‘Big D’ Savage, the billionaire rockstar with the killer abs.
Aka THE ultimate dream guy in a six-foot-five, sculpted-chest, freaking macho package,
Who haunts the dreams of half the female population, ugh!
He’s also the kind of arrogant, self-important man I avoid, in real life.
But that smirk of his?—OMG *swoon,*
So I may have stalked his social media accounts, *don’t judge,*
A lowly nanny like me? I didn’t feature on his radar at all… 
…Until I run into him at a party.
And ask him to spend the night with me *what was I thinking?*
One night shouldn’t matter, right?
I could then return to my boring life.
Only it didn’t work out that way.
Next day I report to my new boss—a gazillionaire who needs a nanny to take care of his child.
Guess who that turns out to be…?
I turn down the job, of course; 
So he offers me a million pounds per day to be his *hold your breath* muse.
What’s a girl to do when faced with a 100% potent growly hunk like him? *gulp*
Not to mention that I needed the money to pay my debts…
I say yes. 
Big mistake…

This is Damian and Julia’s story. An enemies to lovers, single dad fake marriage romance featuring a grumpy, possessive, billionaire rockstar and the sassy nanny who challenges him to take a chance on love! 

Publication date 19/2/2021

Reading Order: 

Big Bad Billionaires Series: 

The Billionaire’s Fake Fiancée

The Billionaire’s Fake Wife 

The Billionaire’s Secret
The Billionaire’s Christmas Bride

Marrying the Billionaire Single Dad

The Billionaire’s Baby


“Let go of me,” I demand.

“Make me.”

“What?” I narrow my gaze on that sinful-as-fuck face. “You release me right now or else—”

“Or else?” He peels back his lips and his teeth gleam against the tan of his sculpted features. At my silence, he continues, “You were saying—”

“That this is a misunderstanding.” I huff. “I am not interested in you.”

“Neither am I in you.” He widens his stance.

“Doesn’t seem that way from where I am, buster.”

“How much control on your anger can you muster?” He tilts his head.

“Just because you think—mistakenly—that you’re superior?” I flip my hair over my shoulder.

“I am going to break through your tightly controlled exterior.” 

“Wait.” I gape, “Did you rhyme your words to mine?”

“So did you.”

“No, I didn’t.” 

“Yes, you did.” He grins and my stupid heart stutters. It bloody stutters. 

He peers down into my face, his blue eyes glittering. “So much sass,” he growls. “I wonder how it would be to peel back the mask you wear to the world, to unveil the passion that lurks under the surface, to show you how it could be if the right man were to touch you in your secret places, the ones you think you have hidden away,” his voice lowers to a hush, “but which I can see, feel, touch, suck…” 

My core clenches. I swear my panties self-combust. 

“I don’t care for self-obsessed, insufferable, prats,” I declare. “You’ve got the wrong woman.” 

He lowers his head until our eyelashes tangle. “I don’t think so, baby.”

“You’re no Johnny,” I stammer.

“Huh.” His forehead wrinkles, “Dirty Dancing?”

“Oh,” I blink, “you…you placed the reference?”

My Review……. 

If you thought the previous books were hard going, then be prepared for the worse alphahole in L.Steele’s series to date!! 
Damian is a self centred, self absorbed dick!! The man drove me crazy within two minutes of reading this book!! His self entitlement drove me nuts! He might be gorgeous, he might make women (and a few men) want to drop and worship him….. But I just wanted to beat him over the head with his own guitar!!! His only saving grace was his love for his daughter. With her he was a different character (and I wanted to spend more time with that man) even the way he was with his friends was better than when he was with Julia. 
He might have been a star, but I think he’s hitting a dry patch, he’s not making music at the moment, and Julia brings out the musician in him. 
I know the seven (that’s the group of men who are friends) have a close friendship. Being kidnapped by the mafia will have that effect on you. And we do get to spend time with them and their wives. (And those are funny moments) 
We have loss that will definitely get you bawling, we have a tragedy that I did not see coming at all!! And we have an alphahole that totally messes it up!! 
Julia is a diamond, how she puts up with his train of thought I have noooooo idea! Her internal monologues did have me smiling to myself on more than one occasion. 
So can she really see past his big ….. ego!! And work for him? 
I loved Riley. She was just such a little sweetie, and you could see why Damian made her his world. 
Catching up with past characters from previous books was great too. 
You can read them out of order, but why would you, why not grab them all. 
This book pulled my heart out, stomped on it, put it in a blender and then poured it back into my empty cavity!! I cried buckets, I laughed until I almost wet myself! I rolled my eyes that many times, I’m surprised they are still in my head!! 
You can see the authors love of movies in the books, we have to have our obligatory movie sayings (which I love) 
I seriously don’t know how your going to top this one! And I’m not sure my heart can take that much more pounding!! 
So would I recommend it? You bet I would. And if you haven’t read the others, then why not?

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