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Kindle Review…. Her Vampire Lord (Midnight Doms Series) by Ines Johnson 👩🏻‍💻

Her Vampire Lord (Midnight Doms Series) by Ines Johnson 




Gaius Serrano is a mysterious figure in the world of wine. He’s arrogant. Darkly handsome. 

And—my instinct warns me—dangerous. He’s the last person I want owning my family’s debt. 

Since my parents died, I’ve been responsible for my sibling’s future and fortunes in the form of our family’s business. I’ll pay any price to get it back. 

But he doesn’t want my money. He wants to master my pleasure. One night for one share of the business. If I give myself to him, I can earn my business back piece by piece.

I have no choice. I have to take the deal. I fall into his arms, into his bed. Into a world of passion that threatens to consume us both.

Because Gaius doesn’t want mere pieces of me. He wants all of me.

He’ll bring me to the edge over and over again until he breaks me. 

Until he makes me his.

Publication date 1/9/2020

My Review…..
This series is a culmination of many authors, they’ve added a few to this series. 
Ines Johnson has also added a few, and I’ve got Her Vampire Lord. 
I get the feeling I might have to read the previous book “Her Midnight Prince” as both Gaius and Marechal’s siblings are in that one.
When the book starts off with women fighting over their “Master” it’s either going to be a really good book, or one you wish you hadn’t bothered to pick up…. 
Gaius is a total player, or so he would like you to believe. He might bite and pleasure the many women that come to him, but he’s not had sex in years!! But with Marechal those feelings are being stirred up! And he’s not sure if he’s happy about that, it’s more the thrill of the chase and the ladies orgasms, than the actual deed! He doesn’t need a female like his brother, why have be when you can have many! 
Marechal has always been in charge, being the eldest sibling she promised her father she’d look after the business and her mother a promise to look after her sister, and so far she’s done both pretty well. 
But her father borrowed money from the wrong people, and now the business is in the hands of the wrong people! 
Then finding out that the Serrano family now owned her debt is just too much, Marechal is going to sort it and the eldest Serrano. 
Both MC’s are strong in character and have been responsible for looking after and keeping an eye out for for their respective family members, so both find it hard to relinquish their duties, and when these two come together it literally blows you away.
It does make me chuckle, the poor vampire is fighting a losing battle when he helps Marechal save her business. He might say she is not for him, but his body and his heart and tells us a different story.
We get little glimpses into his past life and his “sire” a mean and vicious woman, she tortured all her “children” and made them feel pleasure out of their pain! (So is that why Gaius never had sex after his sire died?  Is she also the reason he won’t commit to just one woman?
 I enjoyed these characters and the ways they clashed, before they succumb and admit their feelings for one another.  
It’s definitely a battle of wills, and you have to wonder who will come out on top?! 
So can Marechal give up the reigns to her vampire lord? Is it all about the shares he holds, or is it the taste of the dark features 
So….. it was better than I thought it would be. I’m definitely interested in reading the other brother’s stories. 

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