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Kindle Review….Love in the Wild: A Tarzan Retelling by Emma Castle 📱

Love in the Wild: A Tarzan Retelling by Emma Castle 


A Sensual, Powerful, And Thought Provoking Tarzan Retelling 

Eden Matthews stumbled upon the discovery of a lifetime while photographing wildlife deep in the heart of Africa…

A gorgeous god of a man living in the wilds of the African jungle among a family of gorillas…

When he saves her life she’s compelled to uncover the man’s tragic past and the fate which led him to grow up in the wild.

But Eden soon learns she can take man from the wild, but she can’t take the wild out of the man…

When her savage savior soon shows her just want he wants of her…her sensual surrender, she finds she can’t resist him teaching her how to love…in the wild.

Publication date 28/9/2020

My Review…..
Love a good Tarzan and Jane story. 
It does jump around a little for the first couple of chapters. But bear with it, it’s worth the wait. 
Jane (Eden) is an up and coming wildlife photographer. With a chance of a lifetime trip to africa, Eden jumps at the chance. But the chance of a life time trip turns into a nightmare, her party is hijacked, and the people she bonded with were cruelly slaughtered! Thinking she was next, Eden closes her eyes and nothing….. but she hears noises to keep her eyes closed and hopes her death is a quick one. 
Tarzan (Thorne) is a modern day Tarzan, lost as a child, brought up by gorillas, friends to the animals. 
An innocent in the world of men (he lost his parents to killers at the age of three) he knows a little of the outside world (he had a tribesmen as a friend) but nothing prepares him as he gazes upon Eden for the first time. 
It’s beautifully written. With descriptions that bring the jungle alive. We wander through the jungle, trail our hands through clear cool water. Listening to birds and wildlife. It’s a descriptive joy. I was ready to swim in the waterfalls and lay on the furs. 
Thorne is aware he’s different from the animal in the jungle, he’s also aware that the female in from of him is no gorilla. He thinks she’s he’s mate, and will do everything in his power to care and protect her. 
After Eden gets over her initial shock of not being dead, and living in a treehouse, she needs to tame this wild man, and keep him at arms length (which proves difficult when he’s so sweet) she is amazed when he speaks to her (although a little rusty) he remembers a little of his past, and takes her to the plane that brought him here. 
With a little detective work Eden discovers Thorne has an uncle in England. She tries to persuade Thorne he needs to go, but he can’t leave the jungle, he needs to protect the animals that live there, so with a sad heart Eden makes the decision to leave Thorne. (There is also the matter of her dead companions, they need justice) 
And when Eden has to leave Thorne, you know your leaving your heart with that jungle man. He’s desperate roars of sorrow tug at your heartstrings, and your desperate for Eden to realise her mistake and turn back to Thorne. 
It’s not long before Eden and Thorne are reunited, and she persuades him to go to England. He will as long as she is by his side. 
His childlike wonder is infectious, it makes Eden look at her world through different eyes. She’s enjoying showing Thorne her world, but she wonders how he will cope when she has to go home? But with any luck his uncle will take care of him. But how will she explain that she has to leave him?! 
Oh and don’t forget the poachers/smugglers, they are hot on Eden’s trail, she can’t be a witness to the crimes they committed. 
And when they find out Thorne knows where vast amounts of treasure is hidden in the jungle, Eden becomes a target twice over! 
So will Eden and Thorne settle in the hassle and bustle of the modern world? Or will the call of jungle become too much for Thorne to ignore? 
I would love to read a second book (maybe visit them wherever they decide to settle. 
Another author I’ll be adding to my reading list. 
Another highly recommended book. 

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