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New Release, and Arc Review….. Heath (Keepers Of The Lake Book 2) by Emilia Hartley 2/3/2021

Heath (Keepers Of The Lake Book 2) by Emilia Hartley (Author)


His one chance at happiness ended ten years ago.

Heath doesn’t want to be back on his old clan grounds. The ghost of his dead wife haunts him enough when he’s away from this place. Here, where Heath’s old clan leader killed her, the past doesn’t confine itself to haunting a room or a few private moments. It seeps into every place, every time, every thought. Heath won’t stay a second longer than he must to right the clan’s mistake from back then. At least that’s what he tells himself until he meets Buffy. The woman is wildly different from his dead wife, but he feels an unbelievable connection to her that makes him feel guilty in addition to haunted. Dragons only get one mate, and he’s had his. Or at least, he used to think so. Now, he’s not so sure. 

All the same, he failed to protect his wife. He doesn’t deserve a mate.

Buffy isn’t looking for a mate. She can’t even figure out her own dragon. Hoping for a bit of relaxation and some help reconnecting with her increasingly distant and unpredictable beast, Buffy accepts her best friend Jude’s offer of a vacation cabin. The ramshackle hut and ominous lake are anything but relaxing, though, and Jude’s all wrapped up in her new man and her new clan. The only bright spot in this so-called vacation is a gorgeous, but moody neighbor. The attraction Buffy feels for Heath might be worth all the trouble of coming here if only the man weren’t so closed off.

She’ll get him to open up somehow. She and her dragon are beginning to feel like their sanity depends on it.

Keepers of the Lake: Heath is the latest steamy romance by Emilia Hartley. Like all Emilia’s books, it has a strong female lead, a hot shifter male, and a satisfying HEA.

Publication date 2/3/2021

Reading Order: 
Keepers of the Lake Series: 
Book 1 Cole 
Book 2 Heath 

My Review….. 

Book two starts where book one ends….. 

Heath is not happy to be back, in fact he’s angry! Losing your mate can devastate a dragon. He bounces at clubs for a living now, he never seeks out company, only a bottle! Talking to his dead wife was his only companion. So why was he back? Jade was a force not to be ignored, not taking no for an answer, and being cryptic with her invitation. 

Buffy wants a quite life, being born to a human mother, Buffy had lived a human life and that hadn’t been bad. It was when she turned into a dragon that things with her mother got awkward. Her only real friend had been Jade, so when her friend had suggested a holiday, Buffy was hesitant at first, but jade was relentless, so here she was, stuck in the middle of nowhere, watching her friend cozy up to her new man. And even worse, her dragon side was playing up!! 

It’s definitely not love at first sight! Buffy might be enamoured with her gorgeous neighbour, but the feelings weren’t reciprocated. 
And when Heath finally finds out why he’s here, he begrudgingly agrees, but he will finish the job and go. No way is he going to stay around and watch his friend and his new mate. Not even the wonderful smelling dragon will persuade him! 
But slowly Buffy makes friends with Heath, he stays away from Asher and Cole as much as he can (he holds them responsible for the death of his mate and a missing clan member) but Buffy grows on him with each passing day. That in its self is concerning, he should be mourning his dead mate, not spending time with another woman! But his dragon disagrees and nudges him in her direction.  
Buffy is still scared at her loss of time, she wakes up in the morning not knowing where she has been, or what she’s done! Is it her dragon? She needs to connect with it, but it’s still not talking to her!! 

You definitely need to read the first book. Without giving too much away it is pivotal to this book and probably the next. 
The monster in the lake might not be free, but it’s presence is felt by all. 

Another angst filled story! A very slow burn story, just a few kisses and the promise of passion!! Both Buffy and Heath have issues, both are wary of new people. But they can’t help being drawn to one another. 
But with Heath’s distrust and Buffy’s blackouts, how can they move forward? Can Heath really have another mate? (It’s says you only get one mate in your lifetime) maybe they can be friends? 
But will the monster in the lake try to lure Buffy into freeing it? And can Heath pull his head out of his butt and finally claim his happy ending? 

And the next book please …… 


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