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Kindle Review….Unbound: The Cursed Trilogy, Book One by Betty Legend 

Unbound: The Cursed Trilogy, Book One by Betty Legend 


I had no idea how beautiful and terrifying my life was about to become.

Living as an independent artist in New York, I was soon faced with the new knowledge of my powers, a curse, and how bonding with five sexy-as-sin supernaturals would break that curse.

One by one they found me–Fae, Warlock, Demon, Wolf shifter, Vampire. 
I’m their mate. 
Their equal. 
Their perfect match. 
The one to unbind them from their curse. 
Heart, body, and soul, I’m meant to be theirs. Theirs to share. Theirs to love.

From the beginning, they warn me of my fate. The stronger our magic bonds; the greater the chance evil will find us. 
These incredible beings will give their lives to protect me, no matter the sacrifice, but I’m not willing to lose any of them. 
They’ve stolen my heart and I’ll do whatever it takes to break the curse and stop the one who’s coming for us.

The Cursed Trilogy is a reverse harem paranormal romance series and includes: 

From the Author: If you like steamy, paranormal romances with humor, action, and a bad@ss heroine who owns the hearts of five powerful and scintillating supernatural men, then this series is for you!

Publication date 5/3/2021

My Review …….
Selene is a struggling artist in New York, and she’s about to have her first art showing. But Selene wishes for more! She’s always wanted to meet some type of supernatural being, that’s probably why she paints them so much, her father told her so many wonderful tales, she believed him, and after he died, Selene wanted to be part of that magical world. 
This is the first book by this author that I’ve read. 
I love Selene, she’s just a really nice soul. And totally clueless about what’s about to happen to her world. 
Griffin (Fae) and a really nice character, I think his role is peacemaker, he’s the one that brings Selene to the island after seeing her in a vision. 
Cyrus (Warlock) the one who brought her to the Island using a portal, the voice of reason. 
Emeric (demon) just thinks he can bond with Selene, then leave…… 
A curse ….. A Druid witch cast a spell that turns it into a curse ….. the curse is killing the supernaturals and only Selene can save them!! By bonding with them and sharing magic. 
Phoenix (vampire) bit of a dick if you ask me! 
Killian (werewolf) not met him yet, but I’m sure we will do soon. 
Being kidnapped is not going to help win Selene over, but what else can Griffin do? He knows she the one to break the curse that both he and his friends have, he thought he’d tell her that and it would all be straight forward. But it’s not! She wouldn’t listen, she won’t believe and she’s always trying to escape! He needs to convince her fast, and before she meets the others! 
Being told your a Druid witch after you’ve been abducted is just too much for her to take in. She’s looking to ignore the attraction she has for Griffin and looking for a way off this island! 
But spending time has Selene and Griffin falling for one another….. 
Meeting Selene has Cyrus all confused!  He knows he has to wait his turn, but having to watch Griffin and Selene together is proving difficult (especially as Griffin hasn’t told Selene about Cyrus and the others) 
Emeric thinks it’s just going to be about sex, no connection, but that’s not how it happens, and I liked watching him fall for his mate. He is just as protective and obsessed as Cyrus and Griffin. 
And Phoenix, well he’s just lost his coven! Slaughtered by the Holy Accolades! He’s in no mood to meet and greet Selene! 
The Holy Accolades is an order of humans who are out to destroy the supernatural world. Selene is warned that the more they all bond and share her magic, the more danger she will be in, will the Order find her before she can bond with the five eldest sons? 
I love my PNR and I’ve been reading a lot of RH, and I have to say this one has a lot of them beat. 
It’s fresh, it’s fast paced and it’s written very well. 
Love a descriptive story, actions and emotions too, I want to imagine the whole scene unfold in my mind, and with this book that was easy to do. 
And it’s got lots of passionate moments (she’s got five guys to please, what did you expect!) it’s got the drama of meeting demons who want her dead, and a vampire that wants to drain her dry!! And we get to watch Selene train with her magic. 
And when Selene finally gets the magic she was promised, it totally opens her eyes. Getting her head around the fact she has to bond with five men seems daunting at first, but luckily Griffin, Cyrus and Emeric introduce her to the mate bond, Phoenix is going to be another matter!! 
And I’m looking forward to meeting Phoenix and Killian…… 

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