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Audio Review…. Calypso’s Heart: An Orion’s Order Novel, Book 1 author M.C. Solaris narrated by Jarman Day 🎧

Calypso’s Heart: An Orion’s Order Novel, Book 1 author M.C. Solaris narrated by Jarman Day 


If you enjoy psy-changeling and black dagger brotherhood, this new series is right up your alley!

Sexy shifters. Hot vampires. Intriguing immortals. Strong heroine. Sizzling romance. Pause-resisting plot full of emotion and excitement. Modern and fresh take on fated mates. Plus a little bit of insta-lust because who wouldn’t be attracted to your sexy, alpha life mate?


Do you dream of ridiculously hot men? Okay, maybe you do. But do you actually ever meet those men you dream about in real life? I didn’t think so. That’s probably a good thing, though, because I have…and these men from my dreams have done nothing but pull the rug of reality out from under me…which was how I fell and ended up in a world that I thought only existed in romance books.

My name is Caly (aka Callie) and I’m just an ordinary single woman living the LA dream…paycheck to paycheck. Except whose dream is it? I’m not really sure…but it’s not my dream. Especially because I have really weird dreams…like really weird. Then again, everyone has weird dreams, right?


I am an alpha wolf shifter and leader of Orion’s Order, a pack of…well, not wolves. We’re an unconventional pack of highly skilled specian hunters that do one thing: hunt the evil in our world. And we were hired by SILE (Species Investigative Law Enforcement) to hunt a bloodthirsty criminal who is infamously untraceable. That was until an irresistible female brought an unexpected twist to our hunt and set things in motion…a motion that has left my pack and our world forever changed.

If you like…swoon-worthy males, an engaging plot, satisfying relationships, steamy love stories, and HEAs, then you’ll want to immerse yourself in the supernatural world of species!

Product details

  • Listening Length: 18 hours and 35 minutes
  • Author: M.C. Solaris
  • Narrator: Jarman Day
  • Whispersync for Voice: Ready
  • Audible Release Date: 07 January 2021

My Audio Review….. 
I’ve read this book and loved it. 
It’s basically about a young woman finding out that the supernatural are alive and kicking behind a “barrier”
She meets a yummy man in a dream, chats and kisses him in these dreams. But someone is watching her that isn’t a friend. 
Blake is an alpha wolf and leads a pack of paranormal beings. Fascinated with Caly, he wants to protect her for the rest of her life. 
It’s a fast paced book, it’s a long book and I did wonder how this would translate into an audio book. 
The narrator had a voice that felt liked velvet rubbing over my skin. 
I could listen to his voice all day. He gave me shivers and noughts thoughts😉 especially in the love scenes. 
Words were pronounced clearly, a few inflections in the different POVs that were through the book. 
Pitched perfectly, Jarman conveys the tension, the passion and the heartbreak this book throws at you. 
Be prepared to be swept away. 
I do prefer the book, but I have to admit, the audio is a very close second. 

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