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Kindle Review…. Tempting Prince Charming (Ever After Book 2) by Lauren Smith

Tempting Prince Charming (Ever After Book 2) by Lauren Smith


This prince charming has the world at his fingertips.

Anything real estate mogul Thad Worthington wants, he gets—except true love.

Until one cold night when he meets a woman with a warm heart.

But his would-be princess has no desire to risk her heart for a second chance at a fairy tale, not when she’s already widowed and a single mother.

After one scorching kiss that leaves him changed forever, Thad won’t let his princess run from him.

When her wicked stepmother threatens to ruin this fairy tale, Thad is left holding a glass slipper and searching for the woman he can’t live without.

Publication date 21/1/2021

My Review ….. 
A modern version of Cinderella, but definitely not a bedtime story for kids. 
Thad has it all, money, charm and looks that will get him anything he wants (and a few things he doesn’t) 😉 a head for business and a body that looks in a suit. 
But sometimes he just wants to lose himself, be just an average Joe. And singing is his one escape, that and playing his guitar. But he only plays for himself……
Veronica loves her little coffee shop, it’s her rock in a stormy sea of grief. It helped her find her feet after she lost her husband and Lyra’s father (Lyra is her daughter) Parker. But it hurts to think of him, but tonight after a customer of the coffee shop sang in their open mic night, it brought the hurt to the surface, love is not an option for her, it hurts too damn much!!
I loved this story, it was a simple story, but beautifully written. I’ve read a few of Lauren’s books and I’ve never been disappointed. 
Thad sees something in Veronica that he’s not seen before, an honesty and vulnerability that makes me want to discover more. 
I did have to chuckle at the description of Thad, all I could see was Chris Hemsworth (in his Thor costume😂) but the visual only enhanced my enjoyment of this book. Veronica made my heart ache, a widow dealing with loss, a young daughter and a job. Her determination to keep Thad at arms length made sense, but everyone needs a little love. 
The secondary characters were great, Zelda who worked in the coffee shop had a wicked sense of humour. Thad’s friend Jared was just great. And Lyra was just so cute, asking Alexa for a daddy.  
A man finding a love that he didn’t ever think he would find, someone that would like him as he is and not for the money he has!! But convincing Veronica is not going to be easy. He understands about loss, but he wants to love her like she deserves. 
A woman who can’t bear the thought of losing someone she lives ever again. It’s better to keep your heart hidden, not out in the open where it can get smashed! 
But we have a fly in the ointment…. 
Veronica’s stepmother, she wants both her stepdaughter and Lyra out of the house/coffee shop, she’s going up sell it from under Veronica. 
They have never got on, she is the quintessential wicked stepmother!! 
And when Veronica finds out who the buyer is….. 
This was the second book in the series, but you don’t need to read the first one. This stands on its glass slipper with no help whatsoever. 
And one final word…… I WANT TO GO TO DISNEY 💜

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