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Kindle Review….. Mine to Keep (NOLA Knights, book 3) by Rhenna Morgan👩🏻‍💻

Mine to Keep (NOLA Knights, book 3) by Rhenna Morgan


She’s in way over her head…

Bonnie Drummond is from the wrong side of the tracks, raised in a family of liars and criminals. No matter how hard she tries to stay on the straight and narrow, she always finds herself sucked back into the family drama, forced to sacrifice everything she’s earned to protect her family. 

But this time they’ve gone too far—crossed the wrong people—and to save them she’ll have to put her life on the line.

Roman Kozlov, enforcer for a New Orleans mafiya family, is the poster child for the life Bonnie is struggling to escape. But he’s also as alluring as he is dangerous, and it doesn’t take long for their lives to begin to mesh.

With Roman, Bonnie finds the family she never had.

As their race for answers heats up, so too does the budding romance between them. And with danger nipping at her heels and love threatening her heart, Bonnie must come face-to-face with her past if she wants to have a future

Reading Order: 

NOLA Knights: 

Book 1 His to Defend

Book 2 Hers to Tame 

Book 3 Mine to Keep 

Publication Date: 14/12/2020

My Review …… 

It seems like ages since I read book 2 Hers to Tame (which I read and loved) and I have to admit I had forgotten how much I had liked that book, so I was ready for book 3….. 
Bonnie is Cassie’s friend (MC from HTT) 
Her life is crappy at the moment, two jobs to just make ends meet, she’s constantly having to bail out both her brother and father in whatever scheme they are embroiled in. She’s also trying to make a dent into the hospital bills her father has accrued (he’s waiting for a liver transplant) 
Her life takes a nasty turn when both her father and brother have an altercation with an unseen foe (she’s hiding in her fathers bedroom at the behest of her brother) noises are heard, then silence, both of them are missing, and there is blood! The only person Bonnie can turn to is her new best friend Cassie (and hope it doesn’t end the start of a friendship) 
Why Cassie you ask, well, she’s in love with a Russian Mafia Mobster (or Bratva) So Bonnie thinks that maybe Kir can help?! But is it asking for more trouble becoming involved with the Mafia? But what choice does she have? 
Roman is happy with his life, an enforcer, a job he takes seriously, it’s gotten him out of the hell hole he lived in, so he’s grateful and a hard worker. 
He’d love to have what Kir and Sergei (MC in book 1 His to Defend is his Pakhan or boss) have, but he know that won’t ever happen, so he will get his happiness within this family. 
He becomes involved when Cassie gets a phone call asking her to go to a part of town he knew her husband would not like. (He’s away at the moment, and Roman takes his wife’s security very seriously) So he drives Cassie to see her friend. 
Bonnie is amazing, she wants to walk away from her troublesome family, but she can’t do that, so she works a multitude of jobs to help. She has a quick brain, and an even quicker mouth. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion, but she’s a very private person. 
And I thought I loved Kir, well move over dude, my heart belongs to Roman, he’s such a teddy bear, he’s a family man at heart, and a core of loyalty that is never in question. But cross him at your peril. 
He’s also had a hard life, so he’s in a position to understand why Bonnie is so guarded. He also thinks that once Bonnie really gets to know him, she’s going to walk away (his mother left him at an orphanage, so why shouldn’t Bonnie?!)
The story is well put together, enough action to keep you entertained, it’s a pretty fast paced book once Roman and Bonnie go looking for her father and brother. Very descriptive, and it has it’s funny moments (like when he saw Cassie start to play matchmaker between Roman and Bonnie) I’ve not read the previous series (Men of Haven) and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t, but when we catch up with them, listening to how they found each couple, has me itching to read more. 
Reading the interactions between Roman and Bonnie had me sighing with delight, he wants to take care of her, and she’s suspicious of his intentions, she’s also worried that If she gets to attached, it would break her when he left! Only by showing her his intentions does Bonnie slowly come round to his way of thinking. 
Her brother and father are a liability! Both have taken the easy way out for years, but being Ki napped and beaten by their captors certainly shakes loose a few home truths! And when Bonnie becomes a bargaining chip, will Roman and his family pull the city apart to find her? You bet they do! 
I’m going to have to go back to visit Cassie and Kir, and as I never read Sergei’s book it looks like a visit to Amazon 😉
Highly entertaining, and highly recommend you pick up this book. 

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