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Kindle Review Alec (Keepers Of The Lake Book 3) by Emilia Hartley 18/3/2021

Alec (Keepers Of The Lake Book 3) by Emilia Hartley


She’s loved him since before he changed her, but he won’t even admit he remembers her.

Charlie wasn’t always a dragon, but she was always trouble. Getting turned as a teen only intensified her struggle against authority. Her parents never knew what to do with her. Neither did the dragon clan they passed her off to when she became too much for them to handle. Charlie was never meant to be a submissive, but for years she’s been ordered around, insulted, and shamed until she barely recognizes herself. In a last bid to recover some dignity, she seeks out the man she’s almost sure is her fated mate, the dragon shifter who changed her.  

Now, if only he would recognize her the way her heart recognizes him.

Of course, Alec recognizes Charlie. He would know her anywhere. His soul calls to hers. He wishes she hadn’t shown up on the clan’s old stomping ground, though. It isn’t safe in the old cabins near the lake. Alec’s best friend Zane has been caught in the lake for so long that he’s become a monster. Alec feels guilty enough about that mistake. He refuses to let Zane hurt Charlie. So, he must pretend he doesn’t know Charlie. That way, she’ll go far away from the lake, and Zane won’t be able to hurt her. She’s in danger every moment she stays.  

Unfortunately, Charlie’s clan may be every bit as unsafe for Charlie as the lake. Whether she stays or she goes, Alec could lose her—permanently.  

Alec is the third installment of Emilia Hartley’s steamy Keepers of the Lake series. A great story on its own, this book is even better when paired with the others. And, like all Emilia’s books, it has a strong female lead, a hot shifter guy, and a satisfying HEA.

Publication date 18/3/2021

Reading Order: 

Keepers Of The Lake: 

Book 1 Cole

Book 2 Heath 

Book 3 Alec 

My Review …..

Alec and Charlie’s story is the third book in this series, and although a slow burn series , it’s packed with plenty of action (and not all under the sheets 😉

Charlie is certain Alec is her fated mate! He has to be, right? He changed her, so he must have recognised her as his forever mate. But when her family realised what she would become, they moved away hoping to keep Charlie and Alec apart. 

But Charlie needs Alec’s help, she needs to claim her abs keep her from being taken back to a clan that sees her just as property, and not a person! 

And when she sees him, it’s like coming home, she’s missed this lake, but more importantly, she’s missed this man…

Alec is racked with guilt! His best friend/brother is trapped in the lake by the witch they thought was their friend. He never knew, but that didn’t stop him from leaving Zane to his fate all alone! But he’s here now, and he will help him. 

But Zane doesn’t want help! He wants a mate to help him escape! So far the mates that have mated with his friends are safe, but they need to keep vigilant, Zane is getting ready for another strike…… 

Alec doesn’t want Charlie near the lake, it’s dangerous, she could be a potential mate for Zane, so she’s in danger. But it’s more like he’s scared to admit his feelings for Charlie. She needs to leave, so if faking that he ever knew her gets her to leave, then that’s what he’s going to do! His dragon isn’t happy, but if they can help Zane, then maybe he could go and find Charlie when it’s all done?! 

The storyline gets gets better, more layers are being added, it’s great to see the interaction between the dragons. 

And I’m feeling sorry for Zane trapped under the water (no wonder he went mad!!) 

My only issue is the amount of time wasted on the angst!

It just draws the story out, and in some cases, I put the book down and walk away. I do finish it, it’s just too good not to, but that’s my gripe. 

So can Alec save both his best friend and the woman who’s suppose to be his? 

Or will Zane exact his revenge and take Charlie away from him? Or will her clan leader arrive and take her back to her old, submissive life? 


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