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Kindle Review The Virgin Hunt Games, Volume 2 Mel Teshco

The Virgin Hunt Games, Volume 2 Mel Teshco



One innocent virgin. One jaded lothario. One life and death Games, a dazzling fortune to the winner. But first one must survive…

Tamsin Mercedes has led a charmed life. Her loving parents, scientists who research groundbreaking drugs, have given her everything she desires…until evil investors blackmail them to develop new, highly-addictive drugs. Tamsin won’t have it. Sacrificing her innocence as a Hunted in the Virgin Hunt Games is a small price to pay them off. But first she must win…

Sex-trafficked in his youth by his drug-addicted mother, Landry Marx now knows well how to please a woman physically. But he has yet to find a woman he connects with on an emotional level…until he meets his assigned Hunted in the infamous Virgin Hunt Games. Tamsin is incredible, their chemistry explosive, and the more he gets to know her the more his guard comes down.

But what happens when Landry discovers Tamsin’s parents made the drug that killed his mother…

Publication date 15/2/2021

My Review….. 

This is the second book by Mel I’ve read, and I’m totally impressed. Still reminds me of the Maze and the Hunger Games, but with adult content 😉

It’s the same place, it’s the same games, but it’s a totally different set of characters. 

It’s four years since we last visited The Virgin Games….

For those of you that didn’t read the first book (and you don’t need to really) The Virgin Games are a little like the Olympic Games, there is a competition, there is a prize, and there is a chance you can kill your enemy if your really lucky! (Well maybe the original Greek Games) Women are chosen, paid or volunteer to participate in this event. If they can evade being captured, they can earn credits, if their “hunter” captures them, then the hunter gets the credits and the woman! But if the woman has sex with other hunters then she can make a lot of credits! Most hunters have a grudge with each other, so as long as it’s a “fair” fight then killing each other is ok!! 

The game is held in a tower in which the hunted women have to hide, evade or give the hunters what they want. There are also traps and weapons hidden in the tower. 

Landry is a great character, he knows how to use his body to please women, but he’s never gotten emotionally involved. And why? Well, being sold by his mother into the sex industry will tarnish anyone. He’s sick of the “pretty boy” label, he’s going to become a fighter, so that someone someday will look at him with love, and not disgust!! 

Tamsin in contrast had a great childhood, from a loving and caring set of parents. They were brilliant people creating drugs to help illnesses, but after a side effect caused addiction, the drug is now a firm favourite, and the business men her parents are now stuck with don’t want them to stop making it. Tamsin’s only option is to win the games and bail her parents out!!!

Now in the other book the main characters weren’t matched (but got on really well with each other) but in this one Tamsin and Landry are matched with each other, and it’s not exactly love at first sight!!

With a single goal Tamsin aims to evade the arrogant but hot Landry. He is also intent on winning this competition, but as the pair become more entwined with one another, how will Landry react to the information that Tamsin’s parents are the reason he was sold into slavery? But will his determination to look after her, be stronger than his desire to wring her neck?! 

Delivered with precision. A fast paced story with moments of sadness as Landry relates his story. Moments of levity, when Landry thinks he has his mate, and she kicks his butt! Enough action to keep me hooked until the last page. The fight scenes were quick but intense.

Tamsin might be “just” a human, but don’t dismiss her, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve. 

The connection between Landry and Tamsin is great, both want the credits and both want each other, there is going to be a loser, but Landry wants to put a smile on his mates face before he takes the credits! 

Watching as he slowly falls for his mate, so when her betrayal hits, it hits him hard!! All he can see is his past, and her parents are the reason why!! 

It’s also great to have more interaction with the other participants in the game. We didn’t get too much in the last book. Loved the twins Kary and Hadda. 

And hoping this series continues for a while. 


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