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Kindle Review A PROMISE OF IRON by Brandon McCoy

A PROMISE OF IRON by Brandon McCoy

Long ago, the Illyrian Empire fell and the world of men fell with it. The Illyrians are gone now. Nobody knows where. All they left behind are miles of dark roads and unanswered questions.
From the darkness the Cyllian Empire has emerged. It straddles the old thrones of men and brings a tenuous peace, filled with the unease of hate and the impatience of idle spears.The Mere grow restless in their mountain homes. They strike at the lands of men with a boldness not seen since the days of Illyria.
The Ruk bear the scars of a long-lost war. Toiling under the heel of the Empire, they have little hope for a better life.
Born out of hatred, a young man seeks to bring it all down, stone by stone, brick by brick. He’s no hero. Heroes are fools and dead men. But he hears the words upon the wind. And he seeks a promise…
A Promise of Iron, the debut novel by Brandon McCoy, is book one in the epic fantasy series Echoes of Illyria. Written with a focus on realism, the series features complex characters and familiar motivations of greed, lust, and revenge. The series tells the coming of age story of a young man, eager to prove himself in a world tilted against him. Themes of imperialism, racism, and sexism create the backdrop for a story as much about mystery and intrigue as it is of sword and sorcery. In this world where iron is more precious than gold, three friends battle the evils of empire while unraveling the secrets of a forgotten past and a hidden foe.

Brandon was born and raised near Sacramento, CA. By near, he means somewhere in that general vicinity as he moved around a lot as a kid. His parents were pretty good people, each doing their best to teach the values of hard work and responsibility. Most of his early years were spent goofing around, reading fantasy books, and playing D&D games on PC. Brandon was not what any teacher would consider a great student. He was intelligent, sure, but equally opinionated, lazy, and a world-class know it all. He would also do anything for a laugh (sorry, Frau Wilson). Needless to say, he graduated high school by the skin of his teeth, adhering to the philosophy of, “If you set your sights at mediocrity, you will never be disappointed.” 

Thankfully we all grow up.

He got married, had a kid, went to college, applied himself, worked hard, and found that responsibility suits him quite nicely. He also wrote a book… and considering he is not classically trained in writing, or particularly well versed in literature— It’s pretty okay… maybe even better than okay. 
He continues to write and hopes that one day he can write enough books so that he can go back to goofing around, reading fantasy books, and playing D&D games on PC. 

My Review…….

This is something completely different to what I usually read. 

It starts with a woman in the future who has a journal of a life in the past….. 

The year is 1272

The story focuses on a young man Faerin, his life is hard, he wants to become something better. But in a world that wants payment for everything, how will he ever rise to be something more? 

Elizabeth makes an appearance several times in the book to remind us that we are being told a story.

I like the fact you can have memories removed and stored (a little like Johnny Mneumonic) but there is something in the future that will have you wondering if it has some significance in the past!! 

That was a really well thought out book, Elizabeth in the future, trying to read the journal that holds the story of Faerin and his past. 

Fight scenes? Yes there is, and they are pretty good. 

Romance? A little, but it’s not really that important here. 

And in the future, Elizabeth is having her own issues. The book holds great interest to those who have been waiting to get their hands on it. 

So she has to discover the secrets before her biggest rival gets here. Because when he does she may lose the book!! 

And when Faerin comes into a possession of an sword, he will do anything and everything in his power to retain and look after the sword. 

He has a couple of friends who he likes as brothers, but I wasn’t sure! If people will sell their souls for iron, then can he trust his friends? 

Iron we take it is a valuable commodity, people will kill to have it, in fact it’s more coveted than gold!! 

Why? There seems to be a story behind the reasons why iron is so wanted….. 

Magic and mystery come together in a really great read. There is also a lot of going’s on in the background, there is double dealings, backstabbing and money that exchanges hands for information. 

Some parts get a little bogged down with too much detail, but there isn’t too much thank goodness. Politics and social views are a big thing as well. 

The equality and sexism didn’t really worry me as such, if you put yourself in the time period, then women were a lower class, as were the common man. 

But I do love the class divides, it’s clear there is a hierarchy, it’s clear there are people who make money of the backs of the unfortunate, and they don’t hide that fact. 

OH!!! It ends on a cliffhanger….. Do I want to know what happens next? I certainly do. 

Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed. 


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