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New Release/Arc Review/Excerpt Dark Lies (A Dark Romance) (House Of Sin Book 2) by Clarissa Wild


Every dark wish,
Costs a lie to make reality.

“Punish me.”
Just two words sealed my fate.
Eli took me and made me his.
I didn’t know the submission he’d demand from me.
Or the secrets I kept buried deep inside.
But there was more beyond this dark wish of mine.
More hidden behind those perfect dark lies of his.
Because it wasn’t just my soul that craved redemption.
And when a powerful man becomes obsessed with a woman …
He’ll do whatever it takes to twist her…
Keep her…
And own her.

Dark Lies is the follow up to the exciting Dark Romance novel Dark Wish by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. This is the conclusion to Amelia & Eli’s story.

WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

Dark Lies (A Dark Romance) (House Of Sin Book 2) by Clarissa Wild

Excerpt of Dark Lies

I approach her, but she keeps backing away until we reach the wall. She holds up a flat hand to push me just far enough so I can’t get near. “Stop.”

“Or what? Are you scared of me now?” I ask, cocking my head. “You never were … You just told yourself that so it would be easier to hate me. To say that I’m the enemy.”

“You are,” she hisses back, looking up at me with those same doe-like eyes that always make my cock hard, even now.

I groan with frustration because I know I’ve had my share already, but it’s never enough.

“Come, Amelia. Don’t make this harder than it already is,” I say, grabbing for her hand.

She tears away from my grip. “No. Give me a reason.”

“Because I need you,” I blurt out loud enough to shut her up. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because of the words I said.

It’s quiet for some time and I close my eyes and grumble to myself. I should not have said that. I really shouldn’t have.

“Do you mean it?” she asks.

I sigh out loud and look away, unable to face my own emotions, let alone hers.

“Look at me when you tell me you want to take away my freedom just so you can have your way,” she says through gritted teeth. “Look at me!”

For the first time it’s not me who’s the master … it’s her. She’s the master of my strings, always has been, from day one.


This has always been for her and because of her.

And I knew from the beginning all of this was going to be my undoing.

And yet I could never, ever stop.

A wretched smile forms on my face. “Yes.”

Hatred fills her eyes, the look of which hurts far more than any of the scars on my back ever could.

“You can take my body. Destroy my soul. But my heart … that needs to be earned. And you have wasted your chance,” she says, her voice riddled with agony and despair. “So take me. Take whatever’s left of me. But know when you do that it was you—not my sin, or the loss of my loved ones—who destroyed me.”

Her words are razor sharp, sharper than any blade I’ve ever used to cut someone with. But the look in her eyes is as icy as never before. Like she flipped a switch and turned herself off. “I’ll come on one condition.” She swallows. “Let the other girls go.”

I take in a deep breath. “You know I can’t do that. They’re not innocent.”

“April is. Let her go,” she says.

This is wearing me down. “I can’t, and you know why. April’s with us for a reason.”

Her nostrils flare. “You can’t even commit to this one request? Just one?”

I let out a long, drawn-out sigh and look away. “I will see what I can do to … quicken the process.”

She makes a face. “Fine.”

I grab her hand before she changes her mind and makes this even more difficult. “Good. Then let’s go.”

When I turn around and walk, her immobility makes me stop. “Wait.”

“You know this will make you a sinner too, right?” she says. “Like you said. No one is without sin.”

I frown before a wicked smile spreads on my lips, and I lean in, still holding her hand tight. “Exactly. I was born a sinner and I’m going to die a sinner.”

My Review……

Book two finishes where book one ends!!! And it doesn’t let up until the last page is finished…..

Trying really hard not to let any spoilers out for both the books.

Eli is close to breaking his own rules. He needs his angel, he can no longer function without her, but as he grapples with his decisions to help her heal, he also knows it could push her to the brink. And if that happens, he could lose her forever!

Amelia has had enough, she thought she could trust Eli, but that’s never going to happen. Escape is her only hope, can she get away? Because the more time she spends with him, the harder it is to reconcile that she’s his prisoner.

I loved this book, but out of the two I do like the first one slightly better. Eli is a little like a broken record with the sinner needs to repent!
But I do like the internal struggle Eli has, his job has always been so clear cut, but with Amelia it’s hard, the lines are merging and he’s playing a dangerous game.

This book is dark and twisted, we see how Eli’s mind works, we can sort of see where he’s taking us, but some of the methods I don’t agree with (but that’s what makes is a good book). He could handle the situation and the sinners, but when his past starts merging with his present, you have to wonder how this is going to end!
Secondary characters Soren and Tobias were great (Soren needs a book) they were the perfect balance to Eli. He could always rely on them until Amelia gets thrown into the mix…..
And when we find out all the deep dark secrets that Amelia has, and the reasons why Eli wants her….. prepare for a bumpy ride.

Amelia prepares to make Eli’s life miserable! But what she doesn’t realise is that if she’s leaves, he’s going to be miserable anyway! He just has to use everything he’s learnt to persuade Amelia that they belong together.

It definitely took two books to tell this story, but I’m glad it’s only two (three would have been a mistake!)
There are definitely a few moments you have to reread, there are also a few moments you get caught out by.
But the more you read, the more you fall in love with Eli, you might want to hit him on several occasions, but there are also those moments you just want to tell him it’s going to be ok.

Highly recommended book, but grab the first one as well. You need to read in order.


Publication date 22/3/2021




Free in Kindle Unlimited

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