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Kindle Review Driven (Deep Ops Series) book  by Rebecca Zanetti

Driven (Deep Ops Series) book  by Rebecca Zanetti


Publishers Weekly praised the Deep Ops series as exploding “with action, spice and humor,” while Booklist promised that “fans of J. D. Robb and Karen Robards will love Zanetti’s series.” In this fourth installment, New York Times bestselling author Zanetti mixes high-octane action with even more intense romantic tension as two misfit operatives in a secretive Homeland Defense department chase down a diabolical serial killer.


Angus Force is determined to hunt down the serial killer he’d once shot dead–or so he thought. But an anonymous source reports that Lassiter is alive. Force hasn’t slept since, knowing it’s only a matter of time before “the Surgeon” strikes again. And soon, a body is found, bearing Lassiter’s same maniacal MO. It’s just the beginning of a murderous trail blazing through D.C. and Virginia, right to Force’s backyard…


Nari Zhang is the shrink for the ragtag Deep Ops Unit, though she isn’t Force’s shrink–which is a very good thing. Because once they’re thrown together on the case, their attraction is explosive and irresistible. They’ll just have to fight that much harder to keep the heat between them from flaming out of control. But things are about to become far more challenging, and deadly, than they could have imagined…


Once the killer catches a glimpse of Nari, she becomes his new obsession. She is now the focus point–for both Force and Lassiter–in a dangerous dance for survival

Reading Order:

Deep Ops Series: 


Taken (e-novella) 


Shaken (e-novella) 


Publication date 26/1/2021

My Review…. 

The fourth book in the Deep Ops Series brings us Angus and Nari’s story in a dangerous cat and mouse adventure. 

I’ve read Rebecca’s Dark Protectors (a paranormal romance series) and loved it, but I’ve not read this one. 

So here goes….. 

Nari for me was awesome, her no nonsense attitude persona was great, her ass kickings were great, but we also get to see the other side of this woman, it’s a side I don’t think most of the characters have seen. 

And she works well with Angus. That’s when they aren’t either shouting at each other, or sending mixed messages!! 

Angus is a alpha male through and through. A Disgruntled and disgraced ex Ops agent. And although given the credit with bringing down the “surgeon” killer, Angus was convinced he never took out the serial killer! But what does he know?! 

He’s living a quiet life away from any hassles. Well that is until he’s asked to come in on a case! 

He’s convinced Lassiter isn’t dead, and is the killer they are looking for…….

Lassiter is maniacal that’s the perfect word to describe him. 

And when he turns his sights on Nari, that had me just a little bit worried!! He’s a mad genius, always seemed one step ahead of his pursuers. 

It’s the fourth book in the Deep Ops Series, and I loved it. 

I’m going to have to go back and read the other books, as it looks like this hasn’t been the first time Angus and Lassiter have tangled!!! 

But, that doesn’t take away from this book. It just makes me want to read the rest of the series. 

The characters in this story just blew me away. Angus has enough alpha to make me smile, and the strong female Nari has me whooping for joy (do love a strong independent woman) 

And Lassiter was a great bad guy! 

The chemistry is there in spades, but it doesn’t consume the book, it isn’t the total story. 

The action is great, paced really well, and written with attention to details. 

There is quite a cast of other characters and it made for a riveting read. 

So do Nari, Angus and the team get their man? And what will Lassiter do to take the heat of himself? 

I’m definitely heading back to start at the first book. And I strongly recommend you do the same. 


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