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Kindle Review Set to Music by Negeen Papuan

Set to Music by Negeen Papehn


Dr. Darya Zameeni doesn’t have time for interruptions—in her ER, or in her life. Especially not from the gorgeous man pacing in her waiting room. With mountains of student debt, an ailing single mother, and a younger sister to support, Darya can’t afford to get sidetracked, even though they can’t take their eyes off each other.

Disillusioned Grammy-winning rock star Anthony Castillo’s night wasn’t supposed to end like this—in the ER, panicked after his little brother’s sudden collapse on stage. The band cannot go back on tour without Carlos, but his brother needs constant medical attention. When the beautiful, no-nonsense Dr. Zameeni treating Carlos shows no interest in their fame, he decides she is the perfect candidate for the job. If only he can convince her—and himself—that he wants nothing more.

Darya can’t imagine leaving her job, even temporarily, to follow a rock star around the globe. She’s expected to be the perfect Iranian daughter, after all. But Anthony’s offer comes right as she needs the money and she cannot deny their attraction.

Family is everything to them both. With so much to lose, the smart thing would be to go back to their lives and forget they’d ever met. But doing the smart thing has never seemed so wrong…

Publication date 15/3/2021

My Review….. 
I’m not a big fan of medical romance, nor a fan of singer/band romances. 
But this book has changed my mind (well a little anyway) 
Wonderfully written, great supporting characters and a really solid plot. 
Darya is a good person, a good daughter and the makings of a great doctor. Working a long shift at the hospital Darya is about to come face to face with a Latino Rock God! Well his brother actually, he’s in after collapsing on stage, he’s a band member, and it’s her job to assess his health. But she can’t help but notice the brother. 
Anthony is panicking, he can’t lose his brother to the same disease that took his father! Speeding towards the hospital he prays it’s not going to take his baby brother, he will do all he can to keep him well. 
Meeting an angel in this place of death was the last thing Anthony expected. But being a doctor could be a blessing in disguise. 
There are a few sparks, but Darya knows it would be unprofessional to be attracted to her patients brother, it would only cause heartache for all involved. 
But when a family tragedy forces her to reevaluate her finances, she accepts the offer Anthony offered her. 
But seriously!! A doctor on tour, with a band!! Can she really travel such close quarters with a man who makes her insides shake? 
It’s a slow burn romance, and at some points in the book, you wanted to move them along. Darya has been told time and time again to look for an Iranian husband, to dress a certain way and to never shame the family! But it’s only been the three of them for a while and Darya has stepped up to look after her mum and sister. 
It’s the backward steps, just when you think it’s going in the right place…. we go back!!  
I liked Darya, a strong and independent woman. Dedicating her life to her family and career. It did make me chuckle when she had no clue who the rockstar was. 
Anthony was a different type of rockstar, he might have the tattoos and an attitude, but explaining that it’s only a mask for his public makes you look at industry in a different light. Seeing the softer side, the family oriented man was definitely better than the arrogant jerk on stage. 
The sadder moments were treated with dignity, the medical side was good (if a little long winded at times) and the concerts were described with great detail. 
And the support in the shape of best friend, band members and family was a joy to read. The jokes were provided by the band members, but for me, the mothers in this book stood out for me, it’s why the main characters were strong, they had supporting mothers behind them. 
So, I’ve changed my mind a little about rockstars and doctor romances, don’t think I’ll be diving into anymore just yet. BUT, if the author writes about this band, I’m first in the queue for a book. 
There are a few triggers in this book that may upset a few people. So please be warned. 

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