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New Release/Arc Review Our Darkest Maze by Sarah Bailey

Our Darkest Maze by Sarah Bailey.


His Spite. My Derision. Our Manipulation.

If I could describe Logan Benson in two words, they would be heartless and callous.

From the moment we met, we were thrown into a maze of our own making full of lies, hatred and lust. One neither of us knew how to navigate.

Perhaps it was the way we never backed down from a fight which proved to be our undoing.

Or maybe I had been fooling myself into thinking he could change.

A man like him would never see me as anything other than a toy.

I was a game to him.

One I refused to play.

Logan left me with one harsh and unforgiving lesson. He showed me love was meaningless. It only hurt and destroyed those stupid enough to fall into its pit of deceit. When he walked away from the mess that was us, I vowed one thing and one thing alone. I would make him rue the day he ruined me.

A coming of age, second chance MF romance. This is not just a love story, it’s a journey with high steam, angst and pain. But as with all love stories, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a HEA waiting for you.

Author Note: I recommend reading The Devil’s Syndicate series if you want to see Aurora’s parents’ journey to their happy ever after. And reading the Benson Siblings if you want to see Logan’s parents’ story.

Our Darkest books are a series of interconnected standalones. There are a mixture of MM and MF couples. As with all the author’s books, they’re set in the UK with British characters.

Publication date 31/3/2021

My Review…… 

Aurora comes from an unusual family (one mum, five dads) she’s loved and protected by her “fathers” to the point it’s almost smothering! And at sixteen she’s chafing for a little freedom. She’s going to be taking over the family business once she’s finished college, she’s looking forward to the challenge. A confident young woman who knows what she wants and how to get it….. 

Logan has that air about him, an arrogant young man who thinks the world should bow at his feet, and women should throw themselves at him and he’s got such an ego it borders on aggravating! He too will be shouldering the family business, it’s a responsibility he’s not sure he’s ready for! 

Broken up into segments, we go through the books seeing both sides of the story. And over a few years we see how their trust in one another is broken! Especially Aurora’s with Logan’s! 

You won’t miss anything by not reading the previous books, I personally feel it would only add to the story (I do love a bit of background information) 

It was heartbreaking to read how Aurora felt there was more to their relationship than Logan gave credit too, and when the inevitable happened it tore them both up!! Logan realising too late how much Aurora really meant to him!! 

Can Logan ever regain Aurora’s trust again? When she swore she’d break him the next time they ever met! 

I’m definitely going back to read all about Aurora’s and Logan’s parents stories. It was interesting to read about them and how they reacted with their children. 

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed at how Aurora didn’t make Logan pay for his mistakes, and how quickly she forgave him. But it’s still a great story and I urge you to read this book for yourself. 

It’s about giving that special someone a second chance. It’s about forgiveness and how two young people grew up and found peace with themselves and those around them. 


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