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New Release/Arc Review The Freshman (kingmakers series) by Sophie Lark

The Freshman (kingmakers series) by Sophie Lark


I’d Go Anywhere For Her…

Even to Kingmakers, the most brutal school in the world. Where mafia children are trained to control, dominate, infiltrate, and kill. 

I followed Anna because she’s my best friend. I’ve always been right by her side. 

She needs me to protect her. Especially from Dean Yenin, a Bratva heir with a lethal grudge.

He plans to take everything from me. Starting with Anna…

“The Freshman” is the first book in the epic dark mafia Kingmakers Series. It’s a forbidden friends-to-lovers romance filled with mystery, suspense, and kindle-melting bedroom scenes that take place everywhere but the bedroom.

Publication date 31/3/2021
My Review….. 
Yay, we’ve received our letter (nope nothing like Hogwarts) and we are off to join Anna and Leo on an adventure that will shape their future…….
I’ve read the Brutal Birthright Series, and loved them all. I’ve not read the UnderWorld Series (something I need to rectify.) So I was really pleased to hear that the kids from the Brutal Birthright Series are all grown up and leading interesting lives…. 
Anna is the daughter of (Miko & Nessa Stolen Heir) Always on the go, always keeping one step ahead of an overprotective father. Best friend and confidant to Leo. She’s more like her father than her mother, she loves to dance, but is aware of her station in life, she knows she will inherit her fathers title one day, and wants to be ready for it. 
Leo is the son of (Yenina & Sebastian Heavy Crown) An only child, a spoiled child, and now a seemingly arrogant teen?! Basketball is a sport, a pastime to Leo, certainly not a career, he intends to take over from his father. 
He’s always been there for Anna, and he always will. 
Dean nephew to (Yenina) a real hatred of both the Gallo/Griffin families. They are the reason his grandfather is dead, and his father horribly scarred! So revenge is Dean’s only goal at the moment, and where better than the school he will meet his two intended victims…… 
I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect, I’ve been reading a few college romances, so I thought light and fluffy….. oh no! I didn’t get that, what I got was raw, passionate and dark. 
Leo assuming he would always have Anna in his life, and watching someone else with her is ripping him apart! But does he tell her this? No, he hurts her with his words and actions, and then watches as she walks away….. 
How is he going to mend her heart and earn her forgiveness? 
It’s a friends to lovers book, it’s a slow burn with an explosive finish. 
Both Anna and Leo have grown up together (they aren’t cousins, but they do call each other’s parents aunt/uncle) 
We also have a bit of a love triangle, Dean falls for Anna and really thinks he has a chance with her, and so his whole character changes. I did feel sorry for Dean, his upbringing hadn’t been the best, and so you do feel for him, but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour in the book! 
Anna is great, a raw bundle of energy a go-getter, not afraid of hard work. And Leo, well when not acting like an over privileged child, was a pretty decent guy. And the supporting cast of friends and family are all nicely added.
Written in the style I’ve grown to really like, gritty and raw. Family is strong in the previous series, so I’m expecting to see lots of them in the next couple of books.
A few little secrets that will need to be dug out I’m sure in the next few books. 
And now we have to wait for the next book The Rebel, bring it on……  


The Lark Notes: Buckle up, ladies! You just received your acceptance letter to Kingmakers. You’ve never experienced so much raging hormones, bitter grudges, violent angst, and nail-biting mystery. Keep your eyes open for Easter Eggs from the Underworld and Brutal Birthright series, as well as plenty of clues for the twists, turns, and dark secrets that will be revealed at Kingmakers. –Sophie

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