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New Release/Arc Review What We Deserve (Wishbone Tattoos Book 1) by Lizzie Stanley


I’m used to being alone, until she changed everything…

When my ex-wife left, she said the cruelest words she could think of, and I took them all to heart.

Now I work at my loveable bastard cousin’s tattoo parlor and keep most people at arm’s length. I have the occasional one night stand to take the edge off, but there can never be anything more than that for me.

I don’t let myself think about how lonely I am. At least I’m not ruining anyone’s life, right?

Then Emily walks into Wishbone Tattoos, asking about the receptionist job. And this shy, smiling, kindhearted woman is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I can’t help falling for her, even though I know I mustn’t, for both our sakes.

But there’s something about Emily I don’t know. Something that will make her the exception to my hard and fast rule…

She’s battle scarred herself, and running scared from a dark past which snaps at her heels, but I’m not going to let anyone hurt her ever again, I swear to god.

And maybe, if we’re lucky and we both want it hard enough, the two of us will finally get what we deserve.

What We Deserve (Wishbone Tattoos Book 1) by Lizzie Stanley

My Review

Emily is just looking for a job. And a new start doesn’t come cheap, and lucky for her they are hiring, in fact it sounds too good to be true, but she’s got a chance and she’s not going to mess it up…..

Eli is just wanting to get through each day, tattooing and this “family” of artists have saved his life on more than one occasion. But when he’s on his own, the voice of his ex-wife plays over and over on his head! It wears you down after a while, and you believe they are right…..

There is something there in the very first look, but both are extremely wary. Both have been hurt to the point of not trusting one anyone. Eli thinks he’s not good enough for her, and he can’t get past what his ex did or said to him! Emily is just a bad, verbal abuse is probably worse than physical abuse, the scars are on the inside, and they have a more lasting damage.

That was a really good read. Great characters that supported Eli and Emily. Dean was too cute, Leo was a laugh and I loved Sadie’s out look on life. Loved the interactions that this group had.
Really well written, we get to see why Eli and Emily are the way they are. We get to watch them come to terms with their feelings.

So can Eli get past the hurtful things his ex hurled at him? And will Emily ever trust a man again?

I’m hoping Dean and Leo get a story. And I’d love to see how Sadie met her man Peter.


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