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Kindle Review….. Bossed Up (Iron Vex MC Book 2) by Elizabeth Knox📱

Bossed Up (Iron Vex MC Book 2) by Elizabeth Knox 

I’m not a good woman. I’m a lot of things, but that certainly isn’t one of them. I’m as flawed as they come, the daughter of someone who was a good woman, and a monster who sought redemption before he died. 
My entire family is dead besides my half-brother, Joker, but that’s another story. Now I’m starting a family of my own with my baby girl, a blessing that came to me at the right time. Destiny’s my angel from above. 
I’m the Prez of the Iron Vex MC and we have many wars. Our biggest one with cultists who are determined to continue targeting women, but it isn’t the only war headed my way. Rumor has it, Stoney figured out Destiny is his, and he wants my head on a platter. I won’t let him take her from me, not when I’ve lost so much.
After my father, the infamous Rage died . . . I realized something. Family comes above all else.
Stoney and I hate-fucked, we could never work as a couple. I realized that during my pregnancy when I debated on telling him about her, thought about the what ifs. He’d only do one thing— attempt to take my daughter from me. 
We’re allies with the Devils Riot MC, but the drama coming our way threatens everything we’ve built together. And in my most terrifying moment, the man I’ve tried to stay away from comes to back me up. The one I’ve adored from afar, fearful of starting something concrete with. There’s a problem.
He’s a Prez for one of my Canadian charters, and I don’t see either of us giving our role up. 
I’m only left wondering this: How far will we go to protect the ones we care about? 
Enraged is the first book in the Iron Vex MC by International Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Knox. Enraged is NOT a happily-ever-after, as the ‘hero’ in this book is a villian. This story was written by Elizabeth to give background information on Rage’s character, as well as a deeper look inside the Iron Vex MC. Enraged can be read as the first book in the series, or readers can pick up the second book in the Iron Vex MC, Bossed Up and read that as the first in the series.

Trigger Warning 
This book is intended for mature audiences only. If darker books are not for you, please do not move forward. After re-adjusting my trigger warning system, I will not be giving any spoilers. Please understand that this is not your run of the mill romance and tough subjects will be spoken about in this storyline. This story could include things like: rape, kidnapping, abuse, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol abuse, and many other potential triggers.
Reading Order:
Iron Vex MC Series: 
Book 1 Enraged 
Book 2 Bossed up 
Book 3 Vex’s Temptation 
Publication date 30/10/2020
My Review……
Tala or “Boss” is the Prez or president of the Iron Vex MC. By reading both the blurb for the previous book (Enraged) and this one (Bossed up) it looks like Boss’s father ran the club before, then something happened, he died, she took over. I’m intrigued, and may have to go back and possibly read the first one, but it feels like it’s a long prologue of this book?!
I liked this book, I felt there was a few holes in the story (probably from the previous one) and as there are a few chapters (Motorcycle clubs) there is more history to be learnt. 
But aside from that, it’s a raw, gritty, hard hitting book. Emotions run high for most it. Boss is still recovering from losing her father, still trying to get a footing with the club, and be the leader she knows she can be. Balancing motherhood is also difficult, but she got the club behind her 100% there are quite a few secondary characters, and I’m invested in them already, I want them all to get a story. 
I thought this was going to be some weird love triangle. Then I thought Boss would get with Stoney (the father of her child) but then I saw read the way she was with Cowboy, and then it clicked…
The ending put a smile on my face. But for the rest of the book, it had me gripped. 
How she deals with both Cowboy and Stoney is great. How she feels with her clubs as a whole is interesting. 
Cowboy is from another club under her rule, Stoney is from a club they’ve made an alliance with. She sleeps with who she wants, but a mistake makes her a mother, Cowboy is ready to step up and claim both Tala and Destiny, but Tala isn’t, so he walks away…… 
It’s a short and intense story, it’s not instant love either as both Boss and Cowboy/Stoney already have a history. It’s violent, it’s gritty, and it’s raw! But the one thing I loved most about the book, Destiny and the reaction/emotions she pulled from her mother and all those around her. 
Can Cowboy and Tala become the family unit they both crave? Or will Stoney come in and squash their hopes and dreams of being a family? 
Next book please …… 
Iron Vex MC: Queens, NY 
Boss – President 
Children: Destiny 
Omen – VP 
Mug – Enforcer 
Muffler – Road Captain 
Ricochet – Sgt. at Arms 
Hood rat – Full Patch 
Abyss – Full Patch 
Venom – Full Patch 
Chuckles – Full Patch 
Reno – Prospect 
Deviant “Devi” – Prospect
Iron Vex MC: Calgary, Canada 
Cowboy – President 
Hunter – VP 
Pony – Sgt. at Arms 
Domino – Enforcer 
Banjo – Road Captain 
Toxin – Prospect 
Malice – Prospect 
Envy – Prospect

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