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New Release/Arc Review The Rancher (The McAllister Brothers Book 1) by Julia Justiss

The Rancher (The McAllister Brothers Book 1) by Julia Justiss


When he sets out to regain his family’s heritage, he never expects to fall in love.

Cowboy Duncan McAllister has worked tirelessly to make the family ranch profitable enough to buy back the section of land hard times forced them to sell a decade ago. When the owner of that land unexpectedly dies, leaving the ranch to his city-based daughter, Duncan finally sees his opportunity.

After her business partner boyfriend runs off with an intern—and all their clients—CPA Harrison Scott retreats to her Daddy’s Hill Country ranch to decide her next move. Her father’s sudden death leaves her floundering—does she rebuild her professional career or carry on the ranch he loved? After rebuffing Duncan’s offer to buy her out, Harrison is forced to turn to her handsome neighbor to learn the ropes of ranching.

Duncan tells himself he’s just being neighborly, but their immediate attraction soon deepens. How can he convince her that he wants her even more than his beloved land when she’s already been betrayed once before?

Publication date 8/4/2021

My Review….. 

Duncan is the oldest of the McAllister siblings, he’s worked the land his family has owned for as long as he can remember, and finally things are going his way, the land that use to belong to them is almost within reach, then in one sweep all his dreams come crashing down! How can he fulfil a promise he made to get back the land his stepmother had sold? 
Harrison has had enough, losing her business partner/boyfriend was bad enough, but to find out he took clients and stole money was the last straw. Going home to lick her wounds seems like the best course of action. 
Then to add salt into the wound, she loses her father to a heart attack! 
It’s not exactly love at first sight for Harrison and Duncan. They’ve known of each other for the last ten years, but not had an awful lot to do with one another. 
But losing her father has Duncan feeling sorry for her, he lost his own father and knew how close Harrison was to her dad. 
He comes to make an offer for the land that was sold to Harrison’s father. He goes away angry and empty handed! 
But over time they come to an understanding, and when Harrison needs help she turns to her neighbour. 
Spending time in such close proximity has them both taking another look at one another in a different light.  
The first book in a trilogy of McAllister brothers. 
Beautifully written, you could imagine yourself riding out and viewing the magnificent countryside. Seeing all those bluebonnets and watching as the cattle graze. 
The scenes just came to life through the authors writing. 
Duncan wasn’t really making me smile at first, he gave me the impression of an arrogant landowner, yes his family might have owned all the land, but he gave off a entitled vibe!! 
Harrison I really liked and felt so sorry for. Being taken for a mug by the boyfriend was bad enough, losing him as a business partner stung, all that she could cope with as long as she had her father to give her love and support. So when she loses him, your heart just breaks. 
I did like how they worked together, the snarky comments and witty comebacks. 
So can Duncan really show the woman he’s fallen for how much she means to him? Or will the past get in the way of Harrison really trusting Duncan? 
A really good read, and one I’d recommend happily. 
And now I’m eager to read the next book in this trilogy…… 


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