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NEW RELEASE/Excerpt Ghost of a Memory by Julie Boglisch

Ghost of a Memory by Julie Boglisch

Ghost of a Memory
Julie Boglisch
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Kieran has seen strange white figures for the last year and a half, but to him it makes no sense, after all, how can they be ghosts if death doesn’t exist anymore? Kieran, Felix and Mira live a peaceful life within their small town, a place with no crime, no death and, to most, no fear. However, that changes when Felix starts researching Kieran’s strange symptoms, his ability to see figures others call ghosts. Soon, the figures become more active, but not just the figures, strange happenings begin to occur and now Kieran must race to figure out the truth… before he faces the same fate.

EXCERPT I heard a loud creak and popping noises and jumped, scanning the room. “That must have been the pipes,” Felix muttered, voice shifting up a few notches. “That’s all.” Ah-huh, and I was able to sense dead people from before the new technology. I finally convinced myself to move away from the door as Mira and Felix convened in the middle of the room. “You know, now might be a good time to call it quits,” Felix broke in with a weak smile. “No one besides those people Ki thought he saw have appeared, and this is almost characteristic of a horror story, I mean, stormy weather and all… plus two people at that. Couldn’t that mean they’re not the people we’re searching for?” Mira pursed her lips and then sighed. “Sorry,” she muttered. “I really thought this would help.” I smiled and waved my hand. “It’s no problem, believe me, I appreciate the fact that you even believe me.” “Of course we do!” Mira cut in, even before Felix could open his mouth, though from his expression, he seemed like he wanted to say the same thing. “You’re our friend! We wouldn’t just leave you behind like that!” I felt the grin widen before a pounding headache slammed through me. I let out a yelp as both hands darted to my head. I heard Mira cry out in surprise as Felix hurried to me. I felt fingers grip my arms as I curled inwards. This wasn’t good. I heard a creak, even through my dazed senses. My gaze was bleary as I forced myself to peer upward. White gleaming irises stared back at me from a grinning face. When had I turned around? I stared at the figure standing in the doorway to the dining room. It was the same figure who was moving so leisurely before. Wispy white hair and clothes sat over a tiny frame. He appeared sickly, thin to the point of emaciated. My attention drifted to his hands. Two thin sharp knives, white as well, sat in his hands, as if they were just a pencil or something. He held them way too easily and… faintly I heard a dripping sound that had nothing to do with the rain. White fell from the knives, slowly disappearing as it descended. “Um… just curiosity,” I managed to choke out as the grin widened and the man cocked his head to one side. “If there was a ghost with knives that might have blood on them, do you think we should run?” The man opened his mouth, wind whistling through the room. “Uh… what do you mean?” Felix’s voice hitched and it was then the man’s gaze flicked to my friend. I barely caught Felix’s wavering gaze out of my periphery, his attention swiveling to near where I was staring. Mira was beside me, taking a step forward to stand in front of me. I didn’t think much about it, just grabbed both my friends’ hands and scrabbled sideways. I heard a yelp, followed by a cry. My footsteps pounded over the rugged floor as I pushed through a doorway on the right side of the room. Felix pulled his hand out, keeping pace with me as Mira followed behind, her footsteps ringing behind me as we hurried around the corner and found a flight of stairs. Without thinking twice, I bounded up them and through another doorway. Once the other two were through, I slammed it shut, leaning against it with all my weight. A moment later, I heard a loud thud, followed by scratching. A wispy sound reached my ears and I shivered, adrenaline pumping. Felix hurried up, carrying a chair. He pushed it under the handle as it turned. Mira was off to one side, searching around wildly before stepping next to a thin bookcase. She grimaced and then started pushing. Felix seemed to realize because he hurried over. Thankfully, within moments, they had it pushed in front of the door and me out of the way. We stood away from the door, backs pushing into the curtained wall at the opposite end of the room, a thin grime-filled window sat to my left, rain pounding against the glass. After a few moments, the sounds died out and I finally took a breath. “What the hell was that?” Felix’s voice was now pitched as a soprano. I didn’t blame him, at least he could talk.

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