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Arc Review/New Release Brutal King: A Dark Stepbrother Bully Romance (Ravenwood Elites Book 1) by Nikita



Mason King…
Brutal, cold and so filled with hate.
Hate for what? The simple answer is ME.
Our families have hated each other for years, or at least that’s what I used to think.
But us? We didn’t care because we were in love.
That is until he saw what they wanted him to see.
We went from soulmates to enemies in a matter of minutes.
Once upon a time, I loved Mason with every fibre of my being.
Until he shattered my soul and left me to pick up the pieces alone.
Now I’m back in Ravenwood and I’m about to find out just how brutal my king has become,
Only he isn’t the only one after me…


Winter Crowne…
Liar, fake and the thing I intend to break.
I thought I was in love with her but that was before I saw her betrayal first-hand.
The last time I saw her I told her I’d make her pay if she ever came back here,
She didn’t listen and now that she’s back I can finally exact my revenge on her.
She never should have come back to Ravenwood and I’ll be the one to make sure she knows it.

TRIGGER WARNING: this book contains material that is suitable for ages 18+ with themes that may be triggering to some which includes bullying and non-con

NOTE: This is book 1 in a trilogy and it does end in a cliffhanger.

Brutal King: A Dark Stepbrother Bully Romance (Ravenwood Elites Book 1) by Nikita

Publication date 11/4/2021

My Review…..

Winter has only ever loved Mason. A small girl falling for a beautiful boy, he made her smile when everyone else ignored her. He made her feel special…..

Mason use to love Winter with everything in him. She was his world, a girl he grew up with and always thought would be his…..

There is just two years between Mason and Winter, but it could be twenty! The differences between the two seem insurmountable by the end of the book!

We start when both are too young to know what love was, but Winter fell for the pretty boy who was kind to her. Growing up they had to hide their friendship from their families (there is a rivalry that both kids don’t know or understand) Telling Mason she loved him was a scary moment, him telling her that he loved her too made her world complete (and made me smile so much.) But that’s not the story is it!

And that’s why you need to read it. I can’t reveal anything that would spoil your reading pleasure. The moment Mason is duped into believing his Winter could be so cruel. The agony as you read Winter’s heart breaking!! It has to be read and experienced for yourself.
And when a misunderstanding tears this beautiful couple apart, you just have to cry. But the backlash that Mason brings down on Winter is absolutely brutal. At every opportunity he brings her to her knees! And every time Winter manages to survive!

Winter just doesn’t get a break. Her father dies and so she has to return to Ravenwood to finish her education and to learn about her fathers business. It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be fun. In fact it’s horrible, it seems like everyone is out to cause her harm or pain! So trying to run her father’s business and returning back to school is going to take some serious backbone, and Winter is wondering if she’s taking on too much……

At first I’m thinking it’s Mason, he’s out to make her life miserable (and he does!) but other things are occurring that makes me wonder if other things are in play besides Mason’s hatred! I have to admit the bully genre is one I’ve not read before, and it’s a little hard on the emotions, but I suppose it’s a little like enemies to lovers. But with Mason it’s a hatred that I’ve never read before. It’s all consuming with him, vengeance will be his, and once his revenge is over, Winter will be broken forever!!!

Betrayal, hatred, a lost love. Cruel words and even crueller actions. I think if I’d been Winter, I would have just curled up into a ball and not got out of bed!! And what about the bully/stepbrother? I really can’t say much. But it does add another element to the mystery that’s unfolding at Ravenwood.

And when the book ends in a cliffhanger (we are warned) well I was not a happy bunny!! I wanted more, I needed more! And now I have to wait!!


I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent a free book.

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