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Abella All In – Book 6 of the Zodiac Assassins series by Artemis Crow

Abella All In – Book 6 of the Zodiac Assassins series by Artemis Crow

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Thirteen Zodiac Assassins

Forged in the Darkness of the InBetween,
Ruled by the Shadow Side of their Stars,
The Only Hope for the Light of Humanity.

What Would You Sacrifice To Win?

For Innocent Lives

Abella has returned to Las Vegas and the poker table she has long dominated for one reason. To win the location of the paranorm children the FBI has taken so they can be rescued before scientists discover just how far from human the children actually are.

For An Edge

Abella has always had a code for her card play: Dance up to the line to win but never cheat. Because of that, her reputation among the other players is flawless. This game, however, turns out to be anything but honest, and Abella finds herself buffeted between players who have their own agendas for her, each driven just as hard to win.

For Unimaginable Power

When the other players lay their offers on the table, Abella must choose: sacrifice everything she has worked for to win the game, walk away from her life and into an uncertain future with a man she desires but doesn’t trust, or go all in and trade her very humanity in hopes of saving the world.

Abella All In – Book 6 of the Zodiac Assassins series by Artemis Crow


Luck. Elusive, vagarious, yet the hope of everyone—especially in Las Vegas—and the downfall of those who believed in it, relied on it, devoted their lives trying to control it. There were no shortcuts to be taken; there were no formulas to be invented; there were no miracles to be conjured. John Milton said, “Luck is the residue of design.” Abella had used those words to profit at the poker table, but this time the stakes were too high; this time she was gambling for children’s lives. There were no options to be had…save one.

Abella lowered the limo’s window, allowing the cool lights of the Strip to dance over her face as it traveled down the road. The garish neon blazed so brightly that it penetrated her closed eyes, the illumination a kaleidoscopic celebration of greed and vice and revelry unmatched by any other American city. She loved every square mile of it, and she always came to Vegas with a design. But her plans were for naught if she couldn’t find that damn residue and mold it to suit her needs.

She opened her eyes to take in the artificially opulent facades flashing by, fighting the fatigue that demanded she close them again and sleep. The jet, despite its luxury, had failed to entice her to trust Baker’s men enough to rest, or ignore what had transpired in the last twenty-four hours. The FBI had taken Lyon and Persephone’s children to some undisclosed location, the probability of experimentation on the non-humans high. Abellahad helped Baker’s men apprehend Persephone’s son, and her disloyalty to her half-sister, no matter how valid the reason, weighed as heavily on her conscience as Jacob Marley’s chains. Like a carrot on a stick, a chance to get the children back had been dangled before her, but it required that she sacrifice all she had built over the years.

She glanced at the men occupying the limo with her and had to force herself not to roll her eyes. General Baker’s demand that she be watched during the poker game was an insult. As if she’d do anything that would risk Lyon and Persephone’s children, like run away and break her agreement with the man. She would play the game, she would win the game, she would get the location of the children for Lyon so he could rescue them, just as she had promised.


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