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Lyon’s Roar – Book 1 in the Zodiac Assassins series by Artemis Crow

Lyon’s Roar – Book 1 in the Zodiac Assassins series by Artemis Crow

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Here’s the back cover copy:

Twelve Zodiac Assassins. 

Forged in the Darkness of the InBetween, 

Ruled by the Shadow Side of their Stars, 

The Only Hope for the Light of Humanity. 

The InBetween, a subterranean haven created by the goddess Hecate for persecuted paranormals and ruled by twelve formerly-human princes, has been hidden for centuries, their numbers growing, and their hatred for humans festering. So when paranormal children are stolen, and the evidence implicates humans, the paranormals are called to rise out of the darkness and into the light to get retribution. 

Imprisoned, with the demon soul attached to his own soul close to taking permanent possession, Zodiac Assassin Lyon jumps at the chance to earn his freedom by retrieving three women from the human world. But when the other Zodiacs try to steal his prize, Lyon must secure the women and run. 

When foundling Persephone Payne is attacked by one man then rescued by Lyon, the monster plaguing her nightmares, she is thrust into a supernatural world beyond imagining and forced to rely on Lyon to protect her and her sisters by choice, not by blood. But can she safeguard her heart from him? 

After Persephone’s fate is finally revealed, Lyon must choose between the reclamation of his soul or saving her and the love he doesn’t believe he deserves.

Lyon’s Roar – Book 1 in the Zodiac Assassins series by Artemis Crow

Here’s an excerpt:

Lyon shoved off the wall and roared his frustration. He ripped the locked door off its hinges and walked outside, where he paced back and forth in the yard. “Damned insufferable woman.”

It was a long trip back to the InBetween, and her cooperation was crucial. There was no way he could fight her and eleven highly trained assassins at the same time. But how could he rescue the two women from the Zodiacs? For the first time, he was at a loss for a strategy. This fucking mission was full of firsts: first babysitting job, first rescue mission, first—and probably only—chance to earn his freedom. But to earn that freedom, he needed all three women.

His options were few, and decidedly grim. If he tried to get the other women from the Zodiacs by infiltrating the house, he’d be going against eleven highly trained assassins. He could take Persephone to the InBetween to secure her and try to steal the other two women from Scorpio in transit, that’s if Scor didn’t actually kill them like he threatened. But the waning moon wasn’t far away and this going back and forth would chew up time that was in short supply to begin with, not to mention, Persephone would be so uncooperative about leaving her friends that he’d die from the dart before he could get to his healer.

The screech of the screen door’s rusty hinges alerted him to Persephone’s presence. He turned. She crossed the yard and stopped just outside his reach, her purple eyes glowing like they were lit from within. The moon bathed part of her face in cool silver that matched her hair, while shadows enveloped the rest of her in fierce black.

His heart slowed. The anger in him cooled. The wind stopped and Lyon struggled to breathe. The world fell away, leaving only her. He wanted to freeze this moment so he could figure out why it felt so important. The answers were right in front of him, but…

Persephone squared her shoulders like the bravest warrior, yet her hands trembled like the fallen facing death. “I know what to do.”

Her words snapped Lyon back. “Zodiacs are not totally human. We’re enhanced, making us the best assassins in all worlds. These men could kill you and your friends without a thought.”

“But I thought you were supposed to get us to the InBetween alive.”

“Those are my orders.”

“But you don’t know about the other Zodiacs?”


“What about the man who attacked me?”


“He could have snapped my neck and walked away. Why didn’t he?”

“I don’t know.”

Persephone sagged, as if giving in to the weight of the unknown.

He didn’t expect her to have anything of worth to offer, but his curiosity and no small amount of desperation made him indulgent. “So, what would you do?”

Persephone looked at the ground. “I don’t think I can explain it, you’ll think I’m crazy. But when Abella, Taryn, and I get together, especially lately…um, things happen.”

“Things happen? You want to go up against eleven assassins with ‘things happen’?”

Persephone scrunched up her face and shrugged her shoulders. “They’re really good things?”

Lyon stared at her, thinking. The woman was nuts, but this whole situation didn’t sit well with him. Llewellyn had no interest in humans; he considered them to be a stain on the planet. How could three humans have possibly caught his attention?

Lyon shook his head. The why didn’t matter. Confronting the Zodiacs alone would be a disaster that would cost him Persephone and his freedom. “So your plan is to walk into the middle of a house filled with most highly trained killers in any world, get your friends, then waltz out? Do you have a death wish? Or are you just that foolish?” He sighed, his mind made up. If he could get Persephone to the InBetween in the next few hours, he could turn around and try to run down the other two women. “No, we’re running.”

Lyon turned away, but stopped when she placed her hand on his arm. Her casual touch made him shudder.

“My friends that you dismiss so easily? They’re my family. They mean everything to me.”

He whirled on her. “Family?” He leaned into her, his body trembling, his flash-fire rage all-consuming. “These people called family, they sidle up and say ‘I love you’ over and over until you believe it, until you relax and trust that they’ll be there when you need them most.”

Persephone backed up but Lyon followed her, pressing into her space. He wagged his finger. “But that’s when they have you. That’s when they rip your heart out and stomp on it. Family.” He stopped advancing and dropped his hand. “You better run as fast as you can away from them, before you learn this truth the hard way.”

Persephone shivered. She wrapped her arms over her chest, as if that would protect her. “Don’t you have anyone you would lay down your life for?”


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