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New Release/Arc Review Link (Keepers Of The Lake Book 5)by Emilia Hartley

Link (Keepers Of The Lake Book 5)by Emilia Hartley


When his mother dies, he has to connect to someone. 

He can’t handle being totally alone. But Link Webster hasn’t seen his father since he was fifteen. He didn’t care before, but now Link wants to find the man who abandoned him. Unfortunately, his father’s old clan hasn’t seen the old man, and they’re anything but welcoming. In fact, the only dragon who seems to have any time for him isn’t even a member of the clan. Kiera is a visiting dragon, a sweet submissive who was nearly broken by her former clan. Link longs to protect her and to love her the way she deserves to be loved.

He has no clan or family to offer her, though. 

Kiera is visiting her friend Charlie in hopes of finding the strength and happiness that Charlie found away from their old clan. She’s not strong and sassy, like Charlie, though. She doesn’t know how to look people in the eye or say what she wants. She’s also not worth a good man’s love. She did too many awful things to survive in their old clan. Link makes her hope, though. He thinks her opinions matter, that she has a future. She doesn’t understand why everybody else, even Link, thinks he’s a monster.

She’s seen monsters, and Link isn’t one.
But can she be strong enough to help Link and the others see what she sees?

Keepers of the Lake: Link is the latest steamy romance by Emilia Hartley, author of Tooth & Claw and Rogue Dragons series. Like all Emilia’s books, it has a strong female lead, a hot shifter male, and a satisfying HEA.

Publication date 18/4/2021

My Review 
All Kiera wants is to be loved for herself, she also wants to be brave and fearless! But after spending so much time being beaten down by her old clan, she doesn’t see how that’s possible! Coming to see her friend Charlie seemed like a good idea at the time, but she’s so submissive that Kiera doesn’t see how she’s going to fit into this new life….. 
Link needs a connection, after losing his mother, he needs something… 
Looking for his father in the last place he was seen, Link comes across a clan of angry dragons!! How was he to know his father tried to kill them and enslave one of their own?! 
He should just go…. 
Link and Kiera have so many issues, but are both drawn towards one another, but if the clan don’t want Link around how can he be with Kiera? There is no way he’d take her away from her family! 
Kiera needs to grow a backbone! But after so many years of being nothing more than property it’s hard! 
But watching the females around the males, Kiera wants what they have, and maybe she can have it with Link?
The monster trapped in the lake (also known as their friend and clan mate Zane, is getting more and more agitated! His mood swings are becoming more violent!) The clan need to release him, and a mate seems like the most obvious choice. But with each new female brought into the clan and one of the other males claiming her, it doesn’t seem likely! And they are worried it’s going to get to the stage where they won’t ever be able to help their friend! They may have to kill him!
The interwoven story in this series is great. The characters that keep being added are a welcome addition. 
And as this is the penultimate book in the series, you do have to wonder if a mate for Zane or a huge battle to kill him will end such a really good series.
So let’s get to Zane’s book soon….. 

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