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New Release/Arc Review Slenderman (The Rayburn Mysteries Book 3) by CeeRee Fields

Slenderman (The Rayburn Mysteries Book 3) by CeeRee Fields


Hunting a killer is easy, unless you’re planning a wedding. 

Josephine ‘Jo’ Rayburn finally landed the lieutenant’s rank after her last case. She was exactly where she wanted to be professionally and personally now that Rhysian ‘Rhys’ Harrison had asked her to marry him. However, nothing is ever easy as Jo and her team have been tasked with helping uncover an international serial killer, one who is using a game Rhys’s brother plays and calling themselves Slenderman.

The deeper she digs the more it comes to light that the killer was actually responsible for one of Jo’s first homicide cases. A case she never solved.

Between planning a wedding that does not involve rainbow colored bridesmaids’ dresses or a virginal white wedding dress, and hunting a killer who’s plied their trade for years without being caught Jo’s two worlds are colliding.

Will this be the case Jo never solves? Or will she catch the killer while tying the knot with her man?

Publication date 21/4/2021
The Rayburn Mysteries Series:
Book 1 GraveDigger 
Book 2 Skinned 
Book 3 Slenderman
My Review…..
I was lucky enough to read book 2 (Skinned) I was even luckier when the author sent me book 1 to read (GraveDigger) 
And now Iโ€™m so ready for book 3 (Slenderman) 
Jo is a cop, well actually sheโ€™s a lieutenant now. Sheโ€™s worked hard for this promotion, and her life seems to working in her favour rather than against her. 
Sheโ€™s marrying the love of her life, and work is actually enjoyable rather than a chore. 
But with Joโ€™s luck, her life is going to get a bit bumpy!! 
Rhys was a coroner when he first met Jo, but with her support heโ€™s back doing the job he was always meant to do, be a doctor. He canโ€™t believe how lucky he is to have her in his life, the support that he gets from both Jo and her family is tremendous.
This couple just work on so many levels. They complement each other so well. They are like two parts of a puzzle. And they still are a hot couple when they get quality time alone. 
You donโ€™t need to read the previous books, but I think it enhances the reading enjoyment that they will bring to this book. 
So…. two years together and still madly in love. 
Doctor Rhys is doin what he loves and lieutenant Jo is doing the best she can with her her role in the police department. 
The story starts out as any normal book would, a stabbing, a shooting and a few arrests! But this is the job Jo loves, but sometimes the paperwork is such a drag! Sheโ€™s asked to help solve a case from the FBI (her witty one liners had me chuckling away) being drawn into the case was really engrossing, I could happily watch this as a tv series or a movie. 
So who is the Slenderman? That is what youโ€™ll have to find out for yourself. But there are a few clues to help you figure it out. 


A little about myself. I’m a geek, a gamer, a music lover, and a voracious reader. I love Star Trek and B-grade movies like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Sharknado. I enjoy figuring out software and learning new things and applying them to whatever book I’m currently working on.

I write romantic adventures. Mostly I live vicariously through my characters. I can be a knife-wielding forager who saves her family from deadly kidnappers or a slinky thief who must outmaneuver her sadistic cousin. My male characters aren’t cookie-cutter either. There’s so much diversity in the world that one size does not fit all. It’s the same for love. My male characters are diverse. I have several he-men, alpha types, but I also have nerds in glasses who can kickass when needed whether in a board room or in 

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