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Arc Review The Billionaire’s Baby: Enemies to Lovers Fake Relationship Billionaire Romance by L. Steele


I never should have agreed to this fake relationship…

Arpad growlypants Beauchamp aka Grumpzilla
The first time he met me, he told me that he hated my company.
I retaliated by spitting my Chai Tea Latte all over his tailormade slacks.
He granted the security agency I run, his business anyway, huh?

Clearly, it’s because he wants to control me.
To make my life miserable.
To become a thorn in my side, glowering down at me from his superior height.
So when I end up stowing away on his boat, by a quirk of fate, I demand he turn back.

He refuses. *ha, what a surprise!*
Instead, he proposes that we spend the time together, uh *exploring our shared chemistry*
I agree, provided he fathers a child with me, *true story*
Now watch him run for the hills—is what I think,
Except, he says yes.. no freakin’ way!

On one condition.
I pose as his fake wife on his next trip home to meet his parents.
I shouldn’t fall in with his plan but it’s too good an opportunity
Besides have you met this man?
He’s hotter than Hades, meaner than Vicious, more assured than the King of Spades ever was
He also does that thing with his hands… never mind!
I couldn’t have found a better candidate for the father of my child

So here we are stuck on his boat, and the chemistry between us is off the charts
Then we hit a storm and everything changes…

Note: This is an Enemies to Lovers, Fake Marriage Billionaire Romance featuring a hot possessive billionaire and the curvy headstrong woman who dares to go toe to toe with him!

Publication date 20/4/2021

The Billionaire’s Baby: Enemies to Lovers Fake Relationship Billionaire Romance by L. Steele

My Review……

Arpad is one of the Seven (a group of men that bonded through a kidnapping many years ago) A financial wizard and alphahole to the core. A love ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy, no one has challenged him or tempted him, until now…..

Karina is a successful security consultant, confident in herself and her abilities. Lover of yoga and a chai latte. Her father family are heavily involved in the Bratva! She wants nothing to do with them, and so left the family and struck out on her own. But she wants a family of her own, so begins the process of finding a sperm donor!

There is an almost Instant chemistry between these two. He might annoy the hell out of Karina, but he also inflames in other places! Being the Seven’s security consultant means being on call. And responding to a call from Arpad is about to change her life forever!!

If you like your story hot and heavy, then this one will push all your buttons. If you like your male alpha, then Ari has it in spades! And if you like your women with sass and attitude, then you won’t be disappointed with Karina.

This book has all the usual sexual tension, the drama and the intrigue.

The Seven are getting closer to finding out who kidnapped them all those years ago. And as the story unfolds you can’t help but fall in love with Arpad. There is a vulnerable side to him that very few see. I loved the interaction with the group of men, the bets they have with each other, the teasing amongst them has me chuckling. And now most of them are married/engaged/living with that someone special, it’s great that the women have others to chat to.

They also need each other besides Karina’s need for a child! Arpad needs a fake fiancée to meet the family! And Karina needs him to help with her family. But whilst meeting her family, lies and betrayal raises its ugly head!!

The last couple of books have been tear your heart out and stamp on it type of book, this one still has that element but in my opinion not at bad. Don’t get me wrong, Arpad is still an a$$ and treats Karina poorly, but it’s not in the same league as the others.

There is a lot of sex going on in this book. There is a lot of laughter in this book, and then there is the betrayal that Arpad puts Karina through…..

We also gets glimpses of the next guy to succumb to the tragic tale of love and fidelity 😂
You could read this book without reading the others. But why? You need all the alphaholes in your life. Arpad will make you want to yell at your kindle, it will also make you want the next book.

There are triggers in the book. You are warned at the beginning.


I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent a free book.

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