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New Release/Arc Review Wanted Wed or Alive by Laura Pavlov & Willow Aster

Wanted Wed or Alive by Laura Pavlov & Willow Aster

From best selling authors Willow Aster and Laura Pavlov comes the first book in a new rom-com series.


A runaway groom. A cautious neighbor. Too many sexually fueled run-ins to speak of.
I came to New York for a fresh start.
A new job. A new apartment. A new life.
The last thing I’m looking for is a man. 
Been there.
Done that.

I flee for my life when I leave Chicago. 
Escaping a lifetime of misery.
But from the moment my eyes land on Mya Whitfield—I’m done for. 
And don’t even get me started on watching her play the cello. 
I’ve never envied anything the way I envy that enormous piece of wood between her legs. 
Move over, cello…
There’s a new man in town. 

**This is book 1 in the G.D. Taylors series. Each one features a different sibling and can be read as a complete standalone. A HEA is guaranteed!**

Publication date 22/4/2021

The G.D. Taylors Series:
Wanted Wed or Alive
The Bold and the Bullheaded
Another Motherfaker
Don’t Cry over Spilled MILF
Friends with Benefactors

My Review……

I’ve read a few of Laura’s previous books (and I’ve loved them all) Willow is a new author to me.

But put these two together and you’ve got a book I just couldn’t put down.

Jesse is a runaway groom (the details had me chuckling) he got sort of sucked in and swept away. His family are behind him 100% no one really liked his fiancée! So for now he’s single aiming to stay that way….

Mya is looking for a clean start, her boyfriend cheated on her, and so she’s going to New York to start a new job and a new life, no way is she looking to start a new relationship….

OMG!! I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. It went from one hilarious scene to another. Mya’s mother was a classic worried mother (she was convinced something would happen to her baby!) Jesse’s three brothers were a riot, but his baby sister Penelope stole a few scenes. A few scenes come to mind …. the flooding of Mya’s bathroom, the scene in the elevator, each funny moment just got better and better.

The couple first meet as she’s moving in, both are attracted to one another, but neither will make the first move (and both have been burned lately, so are a little wary of starting something new!) So they start out as friends, deciding they need each other in their lives, but without the hassle of sex!

When they finally decide to take it to the next level! Wow! It’s hot and intense!
Yes it’s a romantic comedy, but there is a few sad moments, and a few misunderstandings that will have you reaching for the box of tissues!

So if he ran away from his last relationship why would Mya entertain him? Can they really make a go of their relationship?

It’s a beautifully written book, and I can’t wait to read the next book.

And I think I know who’s next😉 there are plenty of signs in the book.


I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent a free book.

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Writer Willow Aster

About Willow

Willow Aster is the author of USA Today bestseller, True Love Story, In the Fields, Maybe Maby, Fade to Red, Lilith (formerly known as Whore), 5,331 Miles, Miles Ahead, The Kingdoms of Sin series, and co-author of The End of Men series with Tarryn Fisher. Willow loves nothing more than writing the day away—anywhere will do. Her husband and two children graciously put up with her endless daydreaming; otherwise, the writing would never get done. She’s also an avid reader, and has been known to walk, cook, and clean with her nose in a book. She’s lived in Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, and California, but Minnesota has captured her now and doesn’t seem to be letting go. Although shy, this lifelong writer and artist is convinced that the best part of this career for her is meeting and connecting with readers, authors, and all of those in this community of lovers of words.

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Writer Laura Pavlov

About Laura

Laura Pavlov writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance that will make you both laugh and cry. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, mom to two awesome almost grown kids, and dog-whisperer to a couple of crazy Yorkies. Laura resides in Las Vegas where she is living her own happily ever after.

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