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Kindle Review Giaus (The Feral Court Book 2) by Myra Danvers


Hunted by a beast.

An unstoppable juggernaut is coming for her.

A villain who will take what he wants.

Fixated on her very scent, he stalks the wood in search of his precious mate. His tiny, rebellious queen.

Pleased by her defiance, entranced by her spirit and burning wrath, Gaius smiles, knowing she will be made to yield.

She can’t deny what her body craves.

In her reluctant embrace, he samples a taste of forbidden redemption. The whisper of fate that knows nothing of the corruption in his blood.

She is salvation.

And Gaius will annihilate any who dares touch what he has claimed.

But he is not the only villain in these woods…

Giaus (The Feral Court Book 2) by Myra Danvers

My Review 

Book two has us at the end of book one. 

Renegade has escaped her captors and is trying to find her freedom. She has to put some distance between her captor and his pack. But something is tracking her…..

Gaius is totally feral, Trax Virus has ravaged his mind and body, usually they are just mindless creatures, doomed to walk on his planet a mindless killing/eating machine. But after a chance encounter with something, Gaius is hunting a female! But no ordinary female, itโ€™s his mate! And heโ€™ll doing everything in his power to own her!

This book is different, yes there is brutality, yes there is sex, but to me there seemed more storyline than the first. Renegade is stronger in this book, sheโ€™s not going to go down without a fight. She might have been bred to produce young, but after the bitter betrayal at the hands of her King/Alpha, Renegade is looking after number one. And if Gaius is a mindless animal (infected by a deadly virus) when why didnโ€™t he just kill her? The switch between mindless killer and gentle protector was great to read.

Catching up with the pack (book one, and all they wanted from Renegade was her womb!) that found her then lost her, we see a split in the pack, we see indecision and dissent.

I Loved a certain member of the pack (Sickle) and wanted the rest of the pack dead!

Itโ€™s a reissued version, itโ€™s longer and more detailed. I hadnโ€™t read the original so I canโ€™t make the comparison. But itโ€™s a good read. And Iโ€™m hoping to read the next one when it comes out.


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