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Kindle Review Capturing Cree (Kings Reapers MC) Book 2 by Nicola Jane 👩🏻‍💻

Capturing Cree (Kings Reapers MC) Book 2 by Nicola Jane


There is nothing wrong with believing in true love, right? Maybe I’m the type of woman who watches too many happily-ever-afters, but I want my prince charming. If I know one thing for sure, it’s this — I’m not going to find him sitting around at the Kings Reapers MC’s clubhouse.
Don’t get me wrong, the men here are hotter than Hades, but they’re more like Thor. Strong, overbearing, dominant, and demanding. Just the way I like them. 
There’s only one person who isn’t like the rest, their VP, Elijah Cree.
The rudest, most arrogant man I’ve met in my entire life. He’s a miserable person and on top of it, he hates me. He’s told me I can’t be around any of his brothers, bothered by the mere presence of me being here. I don’t know what this guy’s problem is, but he’d better get used to me since I’m not going anywhere. My best friend is his Prez’s ol’ lady. 

There’s a reason I don’t date, and I can’t tell you the last time a woman caught my attention. That is, until Eva showed up. 
From the second I saw her something inside me changed. It’s like my stone-cold heart thawed out just a little. I’ve told all my brother’s she’s off limits, and since she caught wind of that she’s become a sassy little shit. She isn’t afraid of me, and her temper proves that. 
Little does she know the way she acts tugs at my heart, and my lips. The woman makes me wanna smile, to let my guard down and give it a shot. I won’t, though. ‘Cause I won’t fuck up something so perfect. 
After she makes it apparent she won’t be goin’ anywhere, I start to contemplating goin’ to battle with my inner demons. What harm could it do? I’ve already told the boys none of ‘em can touch her, and they’d better not. I’ll rip their fuckin’ arms off if they even try.

Reading Order 

Kings Reapers MC Series 

Book 1 Riggs Ruin 

Book 2 Capturing Cree

Book 3 Wrapped in Chains 

Publication date 28/10/2020

My Review ……
You don’t need to read the first book to enjoy this one, but my understanding is that the MC’s in this were introduced in the first book (Riggs Ruin) 
Elijah Cree is VP (Vice Resident) in the MC (Motorcycle Club) King’s Reapers. And man, is he an a$$!! An arrogant, mean, crude a$$! And to be honest, I almost gave up reading the book, now don’t get me wrong, I’ve read quite a few MC books, and they can come across as crude and brash, but when he has an itch, he takes it to his current woman, if she’s married or single he doesn’t care, what he wants he takes (but always with consent)
But, and I can’t stress this enough …… please read till the end, you’ll be glad you did. 
Eva is a PA to a high flying woman, her husband is a creep, but Ava likes the job, so she wants to succeed. She’s a firecracker, a woman who knows what she wants out of life, and she wants Cree (and seriously I don’t know why half the time!) 
The emotions in this book had me wanting to punch Cree half the time. He’s told the brothers in his gang that Ava is off limits, but is that because he wants her himself?! He thinks she’s too good for the likes of him, but he can’t stand to see her with anyone else, that includes the man she tries to date after Cree tells her to stop flirting with his brothers and to leave him the hell alone!! Talk about mixed messages! 
Further into the book, Ava finds out why Cree acts the way he does, and it’s dark, it’s a path he should never have travelled, but he did and now if he wants to have Ava, then he needs to do something about it. 
And when he dies, the change is dramatic, but so is his emotions, a d when Ava let’s him down, he deals with it his own bullish way!! Be prepared to swear at your kindle, be warned you’ll need tissues and wine (and possibly chocolate) the highs will have you smiling and cheering, and the lows, well let’s just say I sobbed like a big girl!! 
The action is fast paced, the sex scenes are raw and in wincingly brutal sometimes. This is a dark book, and there are lines both players have to cross to help one another. 
I’ve also noticed a lot of authors are leaving playlist in their books. So I found the music and played whilst listening. I found some of the music suited the book, and others I wondered why, but it’s a nice touch and gives you a small insight into the workings of the authors mind. 
Trigger Warning…..
The material in this book may be viewed as offensive to some readers, including graphic language, sexual situations, murder, and violence, including domestic violence.

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