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Kindle Review Dark Desire by Lauren Smith


Tall, Dark and…Russian.

Three things that Elena swore she’d never fall for again, but that’s exactly what happens when she meets Dimitri Razin on an international flight leaving Moscow.
His penetrating blue eyes peer straight into the core of her soul, leaving her vulnerable and all too aware that he’s the kind of man she had fantasies about before her world fell apart.
His touch sets fire to her blood and exposes her darkest desires…namely those involving him dominating her in bed.

Elena isn’t the only one with secrets. Dimitri is dangerous, and not just to her heart. The man is lethal and carries a past as heavy as her own. When they’re forced to go on the run together to survive, it becomes impossible to keep her hands off him, especially when he gives her orders in that Russian accent.

The pain of their pasts have bound them together, but her future may just tear them apart.

Publication date 16/4/2021

Dark Desire by Lauren Smith

My Review……

Elena is finally going home after months of being held captive! Violently abused and terrified, she honestly never thought she’d some out of it alive!!
She just had to remain calm and get on the flight home! Home to her family, and maybe become the Elena she once was.
But she getting the feeling she being watched…..

Dimitri feels a deep connection with a young woman he sees coming into the building he’s in. Curious he trails her and discovers her sad story. From there on he’s determined to protect her anyway he can. And he knows exactly the people to turn to.
He know needs an excuse to meet her…..

Elena and Dimitri meet aboard the plane she’s on, she doesn’t know him, but feels safe (considering how the last few months have been, she’s surprised) helping her to remain calm after a panic attack, the pair talk on the plane.
But Elena isn’t aware that Dimitri knows her!
They meet again at a home of the man who rescued her!!
Panicking, Elena wonders if he’s here to take her back……
Dimitri explains that he’s a friend of the man who rescued her!! She’s really suspicious, but at this point she doesn’t really want to be on her own!
Getting verification helps to ease her mind that Dimitri is who he says he is. But something doesn’t add up!!

It’s book five in the series and I don’t think you neee to read the previous ones (I haven’t) but it feels like I might be missing a few things, so I may go back and find out more.

Elena is a strong woman who’s been dealt a horrible blow! And now she’s trying to regain her self worth and confidence, she keeps having flashbacks and these put her back in that horrible cell!!
Dimitri was wonderful, and although the book says he’s a dominant, I would think go that far, he’s bossy, yes. He’s commanding, yes. And maybe the full force of his dominance may come out at some point, but I just didn’t get the full DOM mode!!
It’s also a slow burn romance, which I liked. Elena had been captured and abused for months, so I was pleased that was taken into consideration.

I loved the storyline, I loved how a little fact was mixed in with the fiction.
I also enjoyed meeting his “brothers” they aren’t blood, but they have had each other’s backs since they were eight years old!
The camaraderie was fun to read, the background on both Elena and Dimitri wasn’t too much, just enough in my opinion.

There is also more books planned for the series which I’m excited about, Dimitri’s friends need their stories told too.

I highly recommend this book if you like your story with murder/mystery/suspense and a little hot romance.


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