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Kindle Review Legacy (Montgomery Brothers Series) Book 1 by Laura Pavlov

Legacy (Montgomery Brothers Series) Book 1 by Laura Pavlov


I don’t have time for distractions.
I have a billion-dollar company to run. A father to grieve.
A legacy to fulfill.
Harley DeLuca is not my type.
She’s snarky.
She’s stubborn.
And she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen—even in her ridiculous grungy tennis shoes.
I can’t get enough of her. 

I was a mistake from the moment of conception. 
The sins of my mother have followed me like a nightmare in a horror flick.
I’m determined to make a life for myself, free of my past.
I have three goals.
Open a bakery.
Keep Gramps safe.
And forget that I’m Valentina DeLuca’s daughter.
There’s no room in my life for a man.
Especially an arrogant, condescending jerk like Ford Montgomery. 
But now he’s my business partner.
My friend.

And if I’m not careful, he just might be—everything.  
Reading Order:
Montgomery Brothers Series
Book 1 Legacy 
Book 2 Peacekeeper 
Book 3 Rebel 
Publication date 21/7/2020
My Review …….

Ford is first in the Montgomery Brothers Series. And I’m hoping he has lots more family hiding 😉

This book will make you laugh at odd moments and will want you wishing for just a few more pages.

Harley is a great character, sassy and not afraid to tell you what she wants, she’s independent and won’t let anyone BS her. Her confidence is refreshing, she’s strong willed but fair. 

Owning her own bakery has been Harley’s dream in like forever, the only drawback is her investors ….. The Montgomery brothers, well, actually it’s just Ford in particular…….

But her life is still a little complicated, hiding from a stalking ex and a money hungry mother for a start! But her bakery is her top priority, she needs to repay her grandfather back, so no time to angle the hot boss, thank goodness he’s such an arrogant man, it makes her job of not watching him every five minutes easier! 

Ford is the oldest brother and CEO of the family owned company and he is very set in his way, he doesn’t really like change in his life, and now it’s more change and pressure to cope with! Why did the owners of the coffee shop in the building, have to decide they needed to move!!! He liked that they were there for him in the morning, (a little arrogant if you ask me) 

But he does have a lot of pressure on his shoulders, his brothers put the time into the company, but not the energy and effort, that’s left to Ford! 

And a harebrained scheme to let the prime location out to a bleeding heart is sending Ford’s blood pressure through the roof! 

The interviews are a nightmare! And the snarky coffee shop owner just rubs Ford up the wrong way!! 

But Ford and Harley come to an agreement to rent the space, well it’s more like he was outvoted….. 

There is a spark between them (but at the moment it’s more animosity than like)

Relationships are not for Ford, his last love affair ended with his best friend and girlfriend in bed together! No, no-string affairs is all Ford is willing to give!

And as Harley wants to put more effort into her business than her love life, we seem to be at a stalemate….. 

The animosity between the two MC’s was fun to read, the jabs and the snarky comments had me chuckling. They always had a comeback for one another. 

And so when Harley finds Ford drunk on a sidewalk, she has to help him, and the rest really is history. 

They turn a corner in this weird friendship of theirs. Ford now stops in for a coffee and a quick chat, and Harley takes time to chat to him. It’s a friendship that they both like, neither wanting to admit that maybe just maybe they like each other…… 

And when they first kiss…. lightning struck, both wanting more! Until Harley comes to her senses, Ford wanted uncomplicated sex, Harley wants a connection!! Stalemate…..

But it makes things uncomfortable, Harley needs space, and Ford needs Harley!! 

Watching the dance that now appears was fascinating, the protectiveness that Ford feels for Harley is definitely not a friend thing, it’s crossing into dangerous territory!! 

So will Harley give in? And if she does , will it be a one night fling? Or will they both agree to move forward, can it be more than just scratching an itch for the couple? Harley has had nothing good in the way relationship material, her mother is only out for herself, her boyfriend was no better. Her being wary is protecting her heart, if you don’t get involved, you can’t get hurt. But it’s a lonely life. 

And if Ford only wants a fling “friends with benefits” then he’s never going to get the girl. 

First book in a new series and a new author for me, and i can’t wait for book two to come out. That was a fun afternoon read. Well written, very funny, and a slow burn romance that usually isn’t my thing, but the dialogue between all the characters had me hooked. 


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