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Kindle Review Peacekeeper (Montgomery Brothers Series ~ Book 2) Laura Pavlov

Peacekeeper (Montgomery Brothers Series ~ Book 2) Laura Pavlov


I loved Laney Landers before most people learned to read.
Blonde hair, blue eyes that rivaled the ocean, and an invisible halo over her head.
She stole my heart the same day she threw sand in my face.
What started as a friendship grew into so much more.
I thought she’d be my forever.
But then life threw me a curveball and I changed course.
Laney moved on and found a different happily ever after…
While I wallowed in grief and regret.
And now she’s here, reminding me that I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I loved Harrison Montgomery since the first day he saved me a seat in kindergarten.
He was my best friend, my own real-life prince.
He taught me to ride a bike and showed me how to shoot a three-pointer in basketball.
He was my first kiss.
My first love.
My first heartache.
My first everything.
I don’t believe in happily ever after anymore.
Harrison forced me to write a new ending to my story.
But seeing him again after all these years—it makes me want things I shouldn’t.
Because that chapter of my life is closed forever.
Or is it?

Publication date 22/10/2020
My Review ……
Laney is back home to care for her mother, not a place she wants to be, but she would never turn her back on her parent when she needs her the most. But Laney would give anything not to be here, it holds too many memories….
Harrison nicknamed the “peacekeeper” by his father, Harrison has always run interference between his brothers, smoothing things over and keeping it calm in the Montgomery world….
The second book in the series has a history, we get a few little glimpses of it in the previous book (Legacy) Harrison and Laney have known each other forever. Friends as children, then grew to love one another, they had family, friends and each other….. 
But childhood grew to adulthood and their love remained constant and fierce, Laney was always there for Harrison, and Harrison was always there for Laney. 
Things changed when Harrison’s father died! An all encompassing grief swallowed Harrison, making rash and unplanned decisions, he put their relationship in a tailspin….. 
Five years on and Laney is engaged to another man, moved on with her life, but she’s hiding a dark secret, a terrible event happened in the five years previous, and it scarred and reshaped Laney into the woman she is today! 
Living and working in Chicago, she rarely goes home, too many happy memories, but it’s also where Harrison lives and works! But cancer has struck her family, and she needs to be with her mother! So Laney has to suck up her feelings and return to the place that holds so many memories……
As with the first book, this was beautifully written. So moving, so intense, so heartbreakingly touching. 
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for hurting you. Can’t you forgive me this one time? Come back to me. I want you back, Laney. I want you back so bad I can’t see straight.” “Harrison,” she whispered, and two tear drops landed on my forearm, so I knew they’d come from her. “I made a mistake. A stupid mistake that ruined my life,” I mumbled, as I closed my eyes and drifted off in her arms. “It’s okay. I forgive you,” she whispered, and I kept hold of her hand on my cheek and reached for the other one resting in my lap. I held both her hands, as if I could keep her there forever if I held on tight enough. “I love you, Laney. I’ll love you forever. Come back to me.” I swiped my tongue out to wet my bottom lip and tasted the salty tears that had rolled down my face. Both mine and Laney’s. I drifted away after I’d confessed everything to her. I was at peace. 
Always the peacekeeper.
How can you capture what you lost? Surely it wouldn’t be the same? 

But Harrison has been given another chance, he’s not going to waste it. He’s going to show his best friend that they have a future, but only if she lets him in!! 

I love this series, it’s been a great read. I’d highly recommend this book and the series.


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