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Arc Review/New Release The Cowboy (The McAllister Brothers Book 2) by Julia Justiss

The Cowboy (The McAllister Brothers Book 2) by Julia Justiss


He’s not looking for anything serious…

When his older brother asks him to move back to Whiskey River to help run the family ranch, former Marine Grant McAllister feels obligated to agree. After spending two years recovering from battle injuries, coming home finally feels right. Relishing being back on the land, Grant decides to refurbish the family’s old hunting cabin as his new home. When the artisan designer he hires turns out to be a beautiful, intriguing woman, he hopes to mix business with a little pleasure.

She needs to remain uninvolved…

After the death of her Marine husband, a pregnant Abby Rogers moved to Whiskey River to be closer to her husband’s family and escape her controlling mother. Reinventing herself as a designer, she now focuses on her business and mothering her young daughter. She has no time for relationships—no matter how tempting she finds her handsome new client. But when her wealthy mother threatens to sue for custody of her daughter, Grant’s shocking offer forces her to listen to her heart.

Publication date 11/5/2021

My Review…… 
We meet Grant in the previous book, and his witty banter had me smiling. 
I think the McAllister brothers are going to be a lot of trouble, even though one is now happily married (The Rancher) 
He’s ready to help his brother run the ranch. He was a marine, but after leaving the service, he battled with guilt and anxiety after surviving whilst service buddies didn’t come hone! 
So an idea to rebuild and refurbish their grandfathers cabin seems like a good idea. 
Enlisting the help of a young widow seemed like a good idea at the time. 
But spending time with her has Grant wanting more than just her ideas for his home. 
Abby is a widow with a little girl, her husband had been a marine before he died. Missing him even now had Abby wanting just to concentrate on raising her daughter and making furniture. 
She certainly doesn’t need her head turning by a handsome cowboy. 
She’s here to a job and that’s all she’s interested in. 
Both Grant and Abby are aware of one another. 
But Abby doesn’t want to get involved with another service man (even though he’s no longer serving) she needs to concentrate on her daughter. She’s also got issues with her mother (she’s quite a controlling woman) 
Grant falls first, and it takes all his skills and patience to woo the lovely Abby. He can’t rush or force the attraction between them. But it does take all his skills. 
It’s friends who eventually become lovers. 
It’s a slow burn with action happening behind closed doors!
There is a lot of overanalysing situations, there is a lot of almost kisses. 
So if you like your romance clean, then this one is definitely for you. 

I am leaving this review voluntarily after being sent a free book.

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