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Kindle Review….. Tempting Fate (The Curse of Bearclaw Castle Book 1) by Emilia Hartley 📱

Tempting Fate (The Curse of Bearclaw Castle Book 1) by Emilia Hartley 


Fixing up Bearclaw Castle is probably a mistake, but Roderick Carson intends to do it anyway.

It’s the only thing he can think of that’s sure to bring his long-absent brother back to his life. Roderick knows he’s losing himself to his bear, and he wants to see his brother one last time and say goodbye before that happens. It doesn’t matter that the castle holds horrible, haunting memories. It doesn’t matter that his brother will be angry as hell that he’s restoring
the place instead of getting rid of it. He’s prepared for all that.

What he’s not prepared for is an engrossing blonde who won’t stay out of his business—or his heart.

When Morgan D’Marco sees trouble coming for the abandoned castle on the edge of town, she thinks her gift might be wrong for once. Nobody has lived in that place for years. Some say it’s haunted. Cursed might be more accurate. Either way, no one lives there. Still, her premonitions are rarely mistaken, so she checks it out. She’s glad she does when she finds a drool-worthy hunk parked in the driveway, set on repairing the castle. She can’t convince him to abandon his project, so she glues herself to his side despite his protests. She’s determined to avert the impending fate of this place.

Hanging around might be dangerous; but leaving him to his
doom is unthinkable.

Curse’s Heir (Tempting Fate) is the first book in the Curse of Bearclaw Castle (Bearclaw Castle Shifters) series by Emilia Hartley. Like all Emilia’s books, this steamy romance has a sexy alpha male, a strong female lead, and a satisfying happily-ever-after.

Publication date 31/10/2020

Reading Order 
The Curse of Bearclaw Castle series 
Book 1 Tempting Fate 
Book 2 Teasing Fate 
Book 3 Toying with Fate
Book 4 Twisting Fate 
Book 5 Triumph over Fate
My Review….. 
Roderick is dying, the bear that lives inside him can’t be contained for much longer, all it wants to do is fight and kill! 
Morgan tells fortunes for a living, she good at what she does. And when a premonition tells her to go to the ruins on the hill, Morgan does exactly that, she’s expecting to see ghosts, what she gets is a hulking hottie instead. 
The story is about a curse on the families that have lived there, or more importantly the family that spurned a lost love. She cursed the family to know only heartache and loss! And each generation have succumbed to the curse, Roderick’s family was no exception, his father killed his mother, before we assume taking his own life….. leaving a bewildered set of brothers. Roderick went off the rails. He lost months of his life to his bear, and in doing so, lost his brother as well. His brother wants nothing to do with the castle or him! 
It’s a slow burn paranormal romance, shifters and magic. 
I liked how Morgan never gave up on her mate, even when her future looked short (his palm reading told of him killing her!) 
You have to feel sorry for poor Roderick, losing both his parents, his bear taking over his life, and his brother not wanting anything to do with him. It’s enough to drink anyone over the edge. So he thinks it’s better off if he’s not around anymore. But he needs to try to contact his brother first. And that’s why he’s back at the castle, he needs to repair it, talk to his brother and then he’s off to Jill himself before his bear hurts someone. He certainly never expected to meet anyone, and certainly not a mate! 
And then there are the other bears that are drawn to the castle. He goes from being alone, to being the alpha in this ragtag bunch of homeless and hopeless bears. 
The curse part of the story is good as well, three stones are needed to break the curse, and they are embedded somewhere in the masonry. 
So can Morgan break the curse? Can she convince Roderick to take a chance on their happy ever after, before his bear destroys the castle and their happiness? 
This is definitely darker than her previous books I’ve read. Curses and almost killing your mate isn’t a topic this authors travels down. So I’m interested in where we will go with this one. Think there four more books in this series. 
Bring on the next book/bear 😉

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